Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Singularity is nearer than we may think--- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute researchers have developed an artificial intelligence which is currently operating through the medium of "second life". According the the very,very brief information (posted on the link below) the created AI has both the cognitive capability and social sense of a 4 year old human child. Information on this breakthrough is sparse-- a plus factor. My own personal equation for web announcements is that the probability ratio of truth of is directly related to a reverse ratio of the hoopla in an intital web announcement. Therefore we may have made a breakthrough.
This is truly unbelievable-- Senator Prescott Bush, daddy of GB the first and granddaddy of the current Bush----actually, truthfully, historically proven accurate in other words: NO LIE AMIGO--was a deeply involved ringleader in a conspiracy to enact a coup against F.D.R. in 1932. Called "the business plot" the conspirators were investigated by the McCormack-Dickstein Committee of the US House of Representatives. However "good-ole-boydom" can never be underrated or beaten by honest justice since NONE of the participants were ever indicted...nah--say it ain't so...
There are many reasons why i enjoy the Japanese...first and foremost is the contradiction of their being the most socially restrained, conservative individuals but at the same moment they are the most bizarre, techno, futuristic society as a whole. Here's a link to an article on a subterranean farm/garden built in a deep underground former bank vault in Tokyo..the Japanese are so William Gibsonesque it always stuns me. Apparently the underground zone is computer controlled for light, temperature, rainfall etc. The concept is based around teaching the homeless and young people that careers in agriculture may be for them...well it's actually cooler without a purpose.
Not everyone seems to "get it" about the Japanese--it will take the rest of the world awhile to catch up to the future 'now' japan---UNICEF recently wrote a nasty letter to the Japanese Government comparing their national art forms of anime and managa to child pornography...UNICEF asked the Japanese to do something about this --(whatever that means) i'm sure the Japanese will treat this with the same profound concern they do about whaling restrictions...
a recent purchase which has turned out to be a source of wonder-- is our new sensor equipped auto opening lid, kitchen trash can. When your hands are full this item works most excellent. The lid automatically closes after 3 seconds...This is almost an expansion of the nerd cave into the wife and I both love it... This is not quite the breakthrough the 4 yr.old AI is but opening the garbage can with your hands full of trash.
I received my mindstorm nxt kit..i've built the easy to do, start up, robotic sample...I ordered 2 more technic kits,for display, the fork truck, and the motorcross bike for a reasonable price. I've been prowling for interesting Lego photo's. Here's two i found somewhere? i can't remember-- but my favorite is the perfect lego model of the "Stargate" from the movie of the same this cool or what? i am becoming outside of myself at the sight of both the art, engineering and talent involved in the construction of these "i thought it up myself" category lego builds. I'd love to know if these architects started with a plan, or just started snapping pieces together and suddenly discovered that they were producing something wondrous. I've found that simply attaching random pieces together can be very, very restful to me. Don't ask why?
Vice President Chaney advised Monday that the Invasion of Iraq was a success?? Well if you call 5000 dead guys, the economy in the toilet, and the entire world despising us a success then I'd hate to actually observe what the republicans call a failure--but i suppose Katrina displayed that to the American public...I should list this link under science fiction but here it is:
discussing our government brings me to another link delineating the Rise of American Incompetence. This is an interesting article on the decline of American management. You should really read this.
American teenagers, according to interviews apparently believe that "tinfoil" makes an excellent condom! But if you're caught without a piece of tinfoil, use a sandwich baggie! So much for the conservatives "war on sex education" --- they apparently won it. It's just an interesting read regarding this study.
All these items and more have been swirling around in my brainpan. I wish there was 50 hours in a week just to study the world around me and learn something new every minute. What's coming up? New News in the laptop dance, the nerd cave, some comments on dvd's that have come out recently, lego building, hybrid boy, and small footprint living.
"be careful out there amongst those english" (very obscure movie reference here..)

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