Monday, March 10, 2008

i apologize for being wordy unacceptable in the last blog, i am not the ranting, axe to grind, blogger type...however an almost lethal combination of air travel and halliburton...well enough said.

Oil reached over $110 a bbl today--we should very soon be feeling the subsequent consumer price hikes at the pump, I observed a sign today pricing diesel at $3.99 9/10ths a gallon on my way home. At an average of 49.6 mpg recorded on the round trip commute today the logic of owning a prius has gone from a forward thinking concept to a no nonsense purchase for me.I believe the American marketplace will see a sudden, intense demand for electric or electric/hybrid cars that will exceed the massive 1975 consumer switch from Detroit Cadillac monster cars to smaller, cars, like the chevy vega, ford pinto, and the amc gremlin at any expense or personal loss. In fact there is not much difference between miles per gallon of a 1976 vehicle and the standard SUV/pick-up suburban vehicle of today. The same type of technical scam that these 1976 useless vehicles pulled will probably play out again on tech-challenged, but desperate consumers ..inadequate technology playing smoke and mirrors. Our problem as a society is the need to technically ramp up producing these vehicles, while providing public transport to fill the immediate need.
You realize that the "war on drugs" has hit a new low when Mary-Ann from Gilligan's island gets busted for possession! Yes hit the link and read about the arrest of 69 year old Dawn Wells for, well basically 4 roaches in her vehicle while driving home from a surprise birthday party. The local PD must be modeled on the Simpson's Springfield PD...Yes the American right wing should sleep safe tonight that another reefer fiend hit the slammer---"that's great police work there Lou!" The most excellent part is that Mary Ann took an outstanding Mug Shot--she still looks good! I recommend the "i need it for my eyesight" ploy---that's the defense i'm planning on! Good for you Ms. Wells, you go girl!

The BIC pen just had a birthday. Designed and manufactured first in France in 1950..the Bic pen is 58 years old--just 2 years older than i am.. i can't remember these entering popular culture in the US until the early 60's. However i think of the Bic as bringing the pen into affordable popular culture. We take so many things for granted--and the Bic pen is a perfect design. Not just a pen-- i wonder how many times a Bic has been used as many different solve on the spot problems. My favorite is remembering that the Bic Pen was at one time the favored bribe at African military/police i believe the Bic can also list writing instrument, all purpose tool, and as currency.
I have enjoyed these guys for years...The Leningrad Cowboys stranger showboat rock and roll from Finland does not exist! Ah Yes, there's nothing better than Sweet Home Alabama done by a good Finnish rock and roll band back by the Red Army Chorus! You think I jest...if you don't know the Leningrad Cowboys you absolutely must hit this link and See this You Tube'll thank me for it!
here's something not as fun--the ACLU's website counter displaying the number of names on the US terrorist watch list-- 927,427--- so far and the numbers click over all the time. What will happen when everyone in the world makes it to this list--what happens then in bizarre world?
An additional sad item to report is the the creator of one of my favorite characters "The Rocketeer" has passed away. I realize that this is pretty much an unknown quantity to almost everyone but it's just sad.
that's it for now however the strangeness seemingly never really stops does it? More to come as i build lego robots, attempt to become a Japanese hypermiler in my prius..rant against conservative multi-facedness (facedness?) watch science fiction movies and try to get old computers working again with little success.

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