Saturday, April 05, 2008

There has been a bit of process going on in my existence this week. There has been multiple small items come to a sort of focal point. I've obtained a variety of computer accessory equipment i have been considering purchasing. Items such as a mini usb keyboard, which i am currently patterning to type on as well as comfortably position & maneuver on the nerd desk, a wireless card for the NEC 750 (getting this working might be tough but...)--new art pens for decorating my moleskin notebooks, a new pair of very radical terra plana shoes are in---books, movies, lego's all multiple goals are in motion. (by the way, the picture at the left i had been admiring on flickr--a guy's mobile, coffee shop blogging set-up--this is where i want to be in the computer world when i grow up----)I have also been pondering what may come in the future... We are consistently working hard at refining our smaller footprint living process. The house is coming along in an excellent manner. Setting up this new lifestyle is a slow but sure process, designed to make our house a living example of our art, comfort, viewpoints and belief system. There are projects that i could immediately contract to begin, but we are stymied by a lack of individuals willing or capable of doing the work. A specific example would be solar panels--it appears as if i will have to contract a firm from 150 miles away to install any solar power system. I will what i have to
I've never seen this movie before but it was great..if you enjoyed 'French Kiss' you have to see 'A Good Year'. I love French comedies and films centered on France with a skewed outlook..Ridley Scott directed this and Russell Crowe stars in it both gentlemen did an excellent job. Right up front i need to let you know that the only opinions on this movie are "great" or "sucks" I am definitely a member of the this is a great movie contingent. Wonderful dialoge, a tremendous visual, and excellent acting on Crowe's part combined with a Brit outlook on France make this a film to just sit back and enjoy for the sheer personality of the thing. My absolute favorite line from the movie is a resturant owner advising Crowe (when filling in as a waiter) to remember that: "In France the customer is always wrong!". Sticking with a French concept for just a while longer---i've been thinking that after we have our garage rebuilt--i may once again think about owning a classic car. We sold our 1976 restored land rover a few months ago--this time however i really do not want to have to actually restore the vehicle as i've done several times in the past...i just want to buy and enjoy...and stay in tune with the new small lifestyle concept..i'm thinking about looking for a citroen 2CV. I've looked at these on ebay and they are reasonably priced and very,very cool. Now these little vehicles were the french version of the people's car and produced for 40 years. A very small two cylinder engine and top speed is about 45 mph i'm told...but with a huge sun roof, a ton of styling, and mileage for crusing just around town and to display at the odd local only car show this would be ultra coolio.
Just when you think the party in power cannot really be the way they actually are---their stupidity reinforces your personal belief system. The Bush administration in pursuit of their right wing conservative religious agenda has deleted any word, entry or information in the US Health information internet service on abortion.
Remember when we as children were told that communists were evil because they would not allow the free flow of information to the populace? Oh yeah, along with that particular rap we were also taught that only the bad guys tortured people..the only light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that 81% of the American public believe that this administration has taken the country in the wrong possibly the politicalization of 9/11 has been disapated. Perhaps it is not too late..if we actually changed our selection patterns this time...
As an example of the almost insane process of this administration they are willing to not only block information to the public, along with stem cell research, but are willing to buy massively expensive drone aircraft to search for weed growers.
Basically what we have overall is a government at war with it's own populace. A sense of government at war with it's own society. A society who now wishes to go in a direction, that old fat, powerful white guys do not want to go. You cannot stop the signal, you cannot fight the future. Believe me the only real problem is that we actually can do way better...and we will...we can be happy, productive, respectiveful of our own citizens, the environment and the rest of the world. We just need to spank these halliburton, enron republicans and put them and their support base back in the corner where they belong.. Ok enough of that...for now. I really do not want to sum up with that last rap, i'm actually more hopeful for the future right now than i have been for the past 7 years--really--so a non thinking item to end with--like this very cool, one cup, one small item microwave. What a very neat item for your desktop, work office or nerdcave....perfect for heating up a cup of coffee, a bowl of ramen noodles just geek food you know? Often little reductions of large items are much,much more interesting and actually more useful. this little microwave is from sharper image so be careful they have had economic difficulty as a company (according to a few entries on the net)
Ok so get to work doing good things, expanding your thinking and your personal evolvement as a human a small amount each day..."be cool honey bunny".

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