Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let's talk about these texas polygamists..

who have been in the news lately---This for sure to me displays the disconnect between religion and logic. Let's see...according to this most recent bunch of texan religious fanatics..the par for the course---usual "God told me how this works"---- crew of stupid hillbilly white guys--women can only get into heaven by screwing old men...following this concept to it's logical conclusion indicates that heaven is full of hookers. Cause for the most part---the only way that these kinda guys get alittle..... is from professionals. Now of course these same snake dancer dudes never seem to understand that nobody outside their little deluded gene pool believes them...for example--why would the great--super intelligent supreme being talk to these guys for christsakes? The most intelligent creator in the universe observing everyone muses " that one the guy sitting on the old impala back seat on the front porch next to all the ruined appliances---that's the one to deliver my message to the masses!!!" WTF kind of super being is that??? Now combine that concept with the idea the the supreme being also wants to insure that this same perfect example of humanity has alot of young wives! This is of couse of maximum importance (according to the hillbilly) the supreme being..Add in one additional factor--these morons always come from texas---never from new york city for example--in NYC it's tough to obtain two items: first finding and affording, on a texas hillbilly income---a large enough piece of real estate to handle housing 26 wives for one insane, toothless old dude----and second convincing a big haired NYC girl that God says the subway token to heaven involves screwing you!!! So the mental capability of the texan society is the only petrie dish that this kind of nonsense can grow within--take for example our Einstein of a president--oh yeah he's from texas remember---in New Jersey you'd get bitch slapped as soon as an old hillbilly would start this religious rap---on the east coast we have alot of people claiming to talk to god---but they have the decency to push shopping carts around so that they are easily identified and therefore properly, civilly ignored. We've got two choices as a society---first outlaw this bizarre stuff pretending to be religion--or let any toothless cult leader able to draw a following alone and let the chips fall where they may on the people stupid enough to believe in hillbilly Messiahs and creationism....the only way to prevent jonestowns, waco's and now this thing is to either stop it at the start or ignore it forever---stepping in afterward is displays our stupidity as a society...
Are you ready for the newest official reason why we invaded Iraq? The Audacity of the Bush administration has no end you know? Well since the first two lying reasons did not hold up that does not stop them---now the reasons behind the invasion is that we needed to control Iran-----here's the link with the new official spin control--they have no concept that it's too late for them and the rest of the republican party....

I've been reading Robot Ghosts and wired dreams---a collection of essays on the history and sociological background of Japanese science fiction. I cannot recommend this book except to fellow otaku--if you are a normal human pass this by---it's interesting to me however to discover the beginnings of the background of godzilla--and the robot culture of early as immediate pre-war. The book is divided into two sections film and anime and although i have not completed this book i am definitely enamored of it. The Nerd cave after alittle slow down is coming along nicely--my drawing table is set up and so useful...i'm working on a bizarre form of manga marker art combining print media and drawing...just my own type of stuff...painting the bathroom...and just ordered my first anime kit to build for display in the nerd cave. I still have a tremendous amount of computer work to complete which is just taking more time than i originally thought.
This is not a chronograph---but exceptionally cool nonetheless---a home made scientific calculatorr watch designed and made by hand by a single human person--from make blog--a most excellent site featuring projects made by hand at home by regular, but definitely smart, people----go here and take a look---do not be dismayed by the complexity of some of the projects--alot of these folks are MIT type people tinkering---just sit back and enjoy the end results and admire the intelligence involved.
I just saw AVPR on dvd thursday night--I thought it was excellent--- the best predator movie since the first one...I'd read a great deal of hoopla about this movie and all was false as far as i am concerned. It would seem that it was disturbing to many people that the humans in the film were staked out between the aliens and the predators like lures...that the human characters had "no depth" my answer is WHO CARES who watches like i watch an alien vs. predator movie for the human characters????...i enjoyed the hidden references to the other alien movies in terms of music and tiny pieces of dialog thrown out along the way in the film. Like "hold on to something" in the striker- I enjoy most the predator technology-the organic forms displayed and the apparent limitations the predators put on their tech to insure that there is a purpose to what they is unfortunate that hollywood has to prevail but still all in all after watching AVPR twice in a row i was ready to watch it again--amazing.
here a couple of random items prior to signing off--first a farmer who does tai-chi to calm down his cows this is a unique concept and i admire the guy for displaying that a little spiritualism is possible in any occupation... here's an article about a 101 year old marathoner who paused in route for a drink and a cigarette--read this and bite me-- here's an article proving a concept i have understood for awhile now---that as you age you get happier in all aspects of your life---it's called wisdom you know??
Nasa takes another hit as a 13 year old german kid proves nasa's calculations on a near earth object pass are wrong---and we may actually get hit---let's see US government 0 nerd kid 1-----i revel in this circumstance like a dog rolling in something smelly----the father of Chaos theory died this week..Edward Lorenz the conceptualizer who proved that chaos can be mathematically displayed and predicted (somewhat) was a brilliant man who stepped outside of the world to be able to look at it as the complex system that it is..
With these last little items i will close--take care--do good work and vote democratic....

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