Friday, February 29, 2008

Traveling Sunday for a week's worth of meetings---i won't begin to rant on airtravel you know how bad it is and read my stuff on it previously. This week the web is ablaze with articles on the fact that it is interesting that TSA employee's have stolen 31 million dollars worth of passenger's personal property while searching our luggage--i personally find the entire Airline business system disgusting--both physically and spiritually.At least i'll be able to hit a few new book stores and maybe mentally work out a few of my new projects and concepts.This traveling may also give me the opportunity to hooch up, catch up on both my reading and my watching---

I've just received a new ( remember anime is new to me, in the majority of this art form is new to me) anime--"APPLESEED" a full length movie. Appleseed is apparently the 1st movie for this series with a 2nd movie currently getting ready for, or in release. Traveling i always bring along two new anime's for laptop viewing in the hotel room of quiet desperation. I had seen a small section of this anime on cable one night and the visuals were tremendous. I never saw it repeated (so far) and had toorder it for my collection.When i get back i'll let you know what goes with this.
This web article item is just massively overboard bizarre---best described as a russian problem for Scully and Mulder. It basically involves 9 Russian cross country skiers running from something which must of been really,really bad, wearing only their 30 degree below zero weather, dying of exposure, well some of them, others dying of crushed chests and one dead without a tongue. This is really too insane to describe, you have to go here and read it. Another of those things that no one wants to believe..

this will keep you up at night...the furthest distant, oldest, human discovered galaxy displays elements of having been constructed to fit within the area it holds in space---uh yeah, that's actually correct==constructed to fit within a specific space---pretty much guaranteed nomination in the "i never saw that one coming department?" eh?

Being a true science fiction nerd as well as a techno-organizing rain man, i really loved this posting--a list of the ten best vehicles for use in surviving the apocalypse. My favorite is the Earthroamer Jeep--smaller than the others but all are an extremely coolio method to go road warrior in. "BRAINSSSSS".
So--What's been going on? The past week has been really strange in regards to human beings and required interaction. People have been weirded out during the past 7 days... I believe it to be caused by the fact that this is a leap year and Friday was the worst being the fact that it was a true leap day...rabid strangeness all about me but otherwise what i've been do is working my lego's organizing and planning the nerd cave, painting the interior of the house and working on various small house projects.

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