Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A real event occurred this week. The very first, EVER American baby-boomer, signed up for Social Security. This first geezer Boomer, was born 1 minute after midnight, Jan. 1946.. BUT---this person is the first of an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 baby boomers aday, yes aday at the peak, who will soon be receiving Social Security...

read the Social Security Account figures and projections in the link and it is amazingly scary---in 2017 the Social Security fund will be exhausted and will depend on the immediate taxes coming in to pay out on demands. In 2031 demand will exceed supply and it will be all over---let me sum up the basic's for you---AFTER CONTRIBUTING ALL OUR LIVES THERE WILL BE NOTHING--AND YOUNGER GENERATIONS WILL BE WORKED TO DEATH FOR US GEEZERS---DUE TO GOVERNMENT MISMANAGEMENT!!! and, of course,---nobody's paying attention---
It's been awhile since i found anything interesting to write about in so far as alternative architecture Just when you think we as a nation are too stupid and redneck to survive, some little thing comes along offering a small glimmer of hope. Dignity Village Incorporated recently provided that hope to me...a small blurb on the web allowed me to possibily believe that intelligent solutions are out there. Dignity Village is started as a few tentsmaking up a homeless person compound in Portland Oregon. The city council cooperated in allowing 60 people to legally create & build their own homes, neighborhood, internet access,and village culture. This is a perfect example of the "street" creating it's own systems when freed of interference. You really need to go here and read the details and the rules of the community. This is most excellent.
This item was featured on multiple websites this week as a design it's coolio factor is way large---it's called "apartment in a box-- this little box contains a bed, desk, stools, wardrobe and bookcase basically the minimum items necessary for setting up housekeeping in a studio apartment..in one...easily carried box...talk about a small footprint---although i am somewhat sure that actual life on and with this product might, to say the least, be difficult, it is a wonderous experiment..

The new super collider in Geneva has caused alot of talk on the web without even being operational yet. Rumors of the when super collider ramps up has created a vortex of theories insert one of your chosing: the formulation of a black hole--destroying (dependent upon the theory creator) either the earth or the universe, or the latest theory out of Russia is that the Geneva super collider could possible stretch the time space continium...constructing either on purpose or by accident---time travel. I do have somewhat of a problem with a human created machine--which, well, is designed to fuck with the basic materials, patterns and structure of the universe we inhabit...call me conservative but...before we leap with both feet into this arena, we should have been able to solve things like, why the English are unable to cook--- you know....
Here's a site with an excellent rap, where the blogger wagers war on "war on" stupidity. Visit this place it's worth it if you have an open brain--
http://www.ruthlessreviews.com/reviews.cfm/id/1452/page/the_beast__the_war_on_the_war_on.html Entering new territority: I always wanted to own a lego mindstorms robotic kit..but there are huge X factors--first i've never worked/played with legos...ever --second--the mindstorm robotics system involves programming a pda style brain which operates the robot's sensors and purpose. My solution is to take this project a step at a time. I decided to start with one of lego's kit's to test out my ability to actually follow the company's directions and actually build something prior to purchasing their robotics kit--so i purchased a lego display kit based on one of the starwar's mechanicals the Imperial walker. Let me explain--the Star wars thingee was the only cool thing i could find that fit all my parameters--complexity (1000 pieces) and within the size (16&1/2 inches) i am planning on building within if i can justify purchasing one of the mindstorm kits....they say this kit is designed for a 14 year old...which means i may not be able to do this at all--- I'll keep you posted

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