Saturday, February 23, 2008

UPdates--to go forward i have to check the rearview mirror so to's part of evolving as a human, evaluating how what you are active-involved with affects the immediate, surrounding, personal sphere. Thoughts experiments, projects, techno purchases, and life in general are important to me. Here's alittle more information on items rotating about me lately.
My most recent pair of Terra Plana shoes have come in and as usual with this company, they are simply excellent. The pair I chose this time is alittle less "middle earth elf attack shoe" and therefore i've been wearing them to work with the tie thing--and it works well--the combination suits my chinese sign (the dragon) according to which i am excentric.."ya think?" So i am very happy with my new bizarre footwear. i've received my Shaun Jackson design laptop bag, "the lapdog". This is a great bag--small efficent, and in it's compact form capable of carrying everything i need on a daily basis. I really, really like the bag and admire the design factors within it..The only flaw i can determine is that for the oppression of the Airport and business travel, i'd ben unable to remove my laptop fast enough from it to move through the TSA line of stupidity smoothly enough. For the upcoming business trip the lapdog will have to stay home replaced by a more conventional bag. Both of these products are plus factors for lifestyle, daily operation and organization.

I have a hard time believing that i am already, seemingly capable and operational with lego's already, but i am-- these Lego things are simply 1,000 piece, pre-mindstorms test kit came in this week and already i am hooked--this stuff is-complex-i am so proud of having completed a 125 piece foot so far..yes, just a foot. I've discovered lego's to be multilayered-creative-and takes brain power to build. Lego's have become the perfect late night, nerd cave, cigarette smoking, ongoing project thing--done while mythbusters reruns play on the tv. So far i have built a foot (a very complex foot however) for the imperial walker kit and as soon as this test kit is completed--it's mindstorm robotics time. How did i overlook lego's for so long...2nd childhood geekdom is really fun. i also cannot help but think that building these complex forms is wonderful exercise for an aging brain.

I had one really outstanding mileage day commuting this week where i average 50.2 mpg with the Prius---i am hoping that mpg will increase this summer...supposedly as the overall mileage on the vehicle increases--the miles per gallon increases. My mileage experiments will always a work in progress there's never an end to this experiment.

a B-2 bomber crashed in Guam recently--the first B-2 ever to have crashed...the crew ejected to safety but think about how the pilot feels crashing a 1.2 BILLION dollar aircraft ----is something that not everyone can claim to have kinda win the prize for the really big "oops" or "my bad, sorry my bad".
Am i the only one to believe it to be strange that the US ranks below Jordan in years of life expectancy?? The link below takes you to a table displaying the life expectancy of all the countries on the planet. It's really very interesting.
After years of telling the American public that global warming is unfounded so their industrialist buddies can continue to rank in the dollars..Bush's Pentagon comes out with a statement that Climate change is real and the human reaction of war for resources needs to be prepared for..well that's an opinion that's hard to wave off even if you are a Texas oil baby since birth-- boy.Of course it was published in Great Britain and not here in the US...

Underrated items that struck me recently--In movies the pick is High Fidelity starring John Cusack. In music 'Isabell' by Blue Dogs, a North Carolina based band. In books--"A world without time" 'the forgotten legacy of Godel and Einstein' by Palle personal items the moleskin notebook--in clothing Patagonia Shirts expensive but excellent.

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