Saturday, February 09, 2008

This has been an interesting week in many ways. We completed work on our bungalow's hallway libary shelves and now all that remains is decartoning the books and arranging them. I has been difficult residing without books around me, i have to admit...
I just ordered a very, very unique laptop bag for my upcoming business trip...It's called the "lapdog". Folded around a small laptop it is not only a carry bag but when extended the lapdog serves as a field expident laptop desk...I actually found it on Flickr and googled until i found it offered for sale by the designer Shaun Jackson...I went ahead and got the extra saddlebags offered for the lapdog which allow for the carry of additional stuff--since the lapdog is designed for the carry of your laptop and supplemental support electronics only--I found this design to be irresistable--and report on how it works out.......
I've begun to collect photo's of computer/laptop area's/desks that are available on the web. I'm doing this so i can plan out my new "nerd cave" at the bungalow...i'm trying to work out a design for an efficent, clean space for my laptops and an organized area for my personal experiments...this weekend I am going to download into my lifebook the software for my wireless weather station which will allow me to keep extensive records of the weather at my bungalow. With this process i reach a new level of geekdom...i am so pleased.
during all this i've been considering the purchase of a lego mindstorms robot construction kit. i've examined these kits previously and always backed off--but i am about at the point of purchase. There is a tremendous number of innovative potential visible on U-tube--and other various web sites--everything from walking robots to automatic toilet flushing devices. There are also a large number of design pattern books available with projects to build and program with this system. The only limitation appears to be that of the human mind for creation with this system. I know i want it--i just have to convince myself that i am smart enough to create with it.
My Prius is making me insane in regards to my weekly mileage..I'll start out the first two days of the week averaging 51+ mpg and then due to weather conditions i'll end up the week losing 4-5 mpg and averaging 46/47 mpg...i cannot figure out why i cannot hold the higher mileage thru the week. If i cannot work this problem out i may not be able to hold onto my title of hybrid boy eh?...bitching about 46 mpg is bizarre eh?

i've got a dvd ordered for my collection that i've overlooked for quite some of the excellent elements of cable tv is that you often wind up watching movies that have previously gone unnoticed.."High Fidelity" is one of those movies to me...a great little story revolving around John Cuzack running an eclectic record store in Chicago...after seeing it for the first time in years on cable the other night--i simply had to order it for my collection.. used from amazon of course. To me this movie is one of the unappreciated ones-
this article from NYPost i find very, very interesting, since it is very very New York like..One couple (who of course are both lawyers--lawyers in love so to say) in a NY apartment building is suing their neighbor because she smokes! They are claiming that the 2nd hand smoke from her apartment is endangering them and their child--unbelievable! I love the photo of the obviously NY smoking woman--who is refusing to stop smoking to appease the neighbors---"there can be only one" eh?I am heartened however that the same yuppie from hell, discriminatory practices applied against smokers are now being directed against the are next eh?
well thanks it for now--take care:

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