Monday, January 28, 2008

There is an excellent website for watch Otaku's that i visit routinely "The Watchismo Times" Watchismo Times is the place for unusual watches, chronograph photo's and the history of popular culture in regards to timepieces. Recently the Watchismo times did a great report/entry on Ripley's seiko chronograph worn/used in the movie Aliens. Sigourney Weaver--the thinking man's marilyn monroe--and colonial marines--on LV-426-- This chronograph was not a movie one-off, not a prop---it was a real watch designed by Giorgio Giugiaro, manufactured and sold by Seiko. One of the unique features of this particular watch was the linear activators for the timer functions centered on the right side of the watch face. Ripley and watches immediately punched two of my most important buttons---i nearly suffered otaku brain lock while reading this excellent article at Watchismo...if the Aliens series movies and Watches are your thing you really need to go read this excellent article.
I just ordered a new pair of Terra Plana shoes. If you've read my stuff at all i've written about this English company several times. Terra Plana builds their shoes out of recycled materials such as ocean going ship tarps--discarded kelvar vests, automobile tires and have a tremendous geek-ugly/stylingly cool design factor that just appeals to me. Terra Plana's are also difficult to find..i used to order them from england but now with the dollar in the toilet the difference in the exchange rate puts buying them direct out of reach. Thank you George Bush for tubing the economy so badly that i cannot even buy a pair of shoes that support the environment from overseas...So i get what i can get from terra plana on sale in the US or Canada (where the exchange rate is still awful but less depressing). Not the same amount of choice as buying from england and often no sizes left for normal human feet...but...luckily i found this pair on sale in dark brown added them to my terra plana collection.
Organization---i want organization-----organization!
there is some part in me that desires my entire world to be like the individual's work area in the photo to the left! In fact i would be insanely happy if just like my work area was like this!! I am i realize 'not right' in the head about this..and that this is so often an unobtainable goal...but that does not stop me from 'fetching' on it constantly. I plan organization, i read about organization, i collect and study web photo's on organization---yet it seems like it is a never ending--constant battle that goes nowhere.

I'm reading Obama's book---"The Audacity of Hope"--a friend at work loaned it to me advising that i really needed to read it, that both the book and the author's viewpoints on society and the direction we need to take made excellent first thought with books of this nature by any politican is always "did this guy really write this or was it ghosted for him by someone else?" A book representating an individual's thoughts-philosophy-and world view written by a "ghost" is less than worthless in my would be a comic book of the soul--If---and that's only IF Obama did actually write this book with his own brain & fingers--then just a few pages in i am impressed already---but there again---that's with the big IF...
ya better go see this and get both a laugh and depressed before it disappears beneath the waves it won't last because--the truth is out there. TSA has a new offical blog which allows the flying public to write in with their opinions, statements and describe their personal encounters with the only government agency with a lower public opinion rating than FEMA. The site even admits that many entry's are pulled for profanity..which is what's called a clue in my world---but all the same---Basically the American flying public--young, old, other feds and military personnel--everyone-- hates everything about TSA--period. the funny (actually the sad) part of the blog are the "totally unsolicited" write in section by TSA employee's orgasmically describing their unending joy at simply being allowed to work for TSA...and the anonymous write in positive statements---unbelievable---

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