Tuesday, January 01, 2008

If i believe i have downsized my living footprint here's a home that puts me to shame. Known as Toronto's tiny house it is 300 sq.ft. It has been completely restored by the past two owners and the story regarding how it was built and the families that have lived in it are excellent...this place is not for everyone but it does show how a builder who originally made a mistake--wound up creating something that has lasted a long time and become a focal point..go here and check this place out....there are close up and interior pictures at the news article.
I'm working, working on our ongoing move in to the point to where i've lost track of the day & date. We hung stained glass windows up today and they look wonderous and really change the outlook of the bungalow...we are still surrounded by boxes and confusion but slowly, slowly making life normal and the house ours. I've got another six days off before returning to the workplace...with alot left to do yet...
change fosters innovation. i made the switch to sole use of my dell xps laptop at our smaller house---the process of using a laptop within our new lifestyle works very well. Doing away with the space required by a desktop system is a huge plus factor in a California bungalow. I was faced however with a new problem....since my XPS became my primary computer at home, i couldn't afford to damage it by transporting it with me constantly, the way i have been. It could no longer be my mobile computing tool. I needed something small, low priced but capable of doing Internet, email and word processing on the move. I therefore just ordered a $399.00 Asus Eee PC from Amazon.
The Asus Eee Pc one of the new wave of intuitively operated,( it does not even come with a manual) fire up and work straight out of the box, linux based mobile computing platforms. The Asus Eee is a platform which is still based on the laptop design--rather than atablet, phone, or pda Internet access design concept. It has three usb ports, a web cam, and utilizes a flash card storage system if one wishes to store beyond the standard internal storage capability. The Asus is on the way and I advise on how it works out.....
I have been reading an excellent book "The philosophy of the X-files". http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/results.asp?WRD=philosophy+of+the+x%2Dfiles&z=y
I was so glad to see this book appear since i have read several philosophy of the matrix--books and being an unabashed X-files admirer (who else can claim they watched all nine seasons straight through one winter...)this volume hit all my personal buttons....I do after all, now live in Roswell New Mexico, where mulder and scully went to ground--hiding-- in a motel room in the last episode of the series...The Philosophy of the X-Files is a series of essays edited by Dean A. Kowalski, who also co-authored much of the material, this book, is a must read for followers what is considered by many the most intellectually demanding program broadcast on broadcast television. It is perfect for those who have already digested the currently available x-files show books--already know the episodes and wish to delve deeper into the possible reasoning for reactions to the visuals provided by the show and the dialog between mulder and scully..what may make both them and us tick----The essays included vary from 'Freedom and Worldviews in the X-Files' to 'Some Philosophical Reflections on "Trust No One" (one of my personal favorites).If you are mentally involved in the x-files, wonder if Scully and Mulder actually have free will----and are awaiting the new (yes it will happen this time) X-Files Movie...then read this book.

i am awaiting a new (to me) dvd titled "train man".It is a Japanese film set around a computer otaku who saves a girl on a train from a groper and how he and his online companions research how he could develop a romance with this woman...it becomes a group effort since none of the involved otaku have ANY social skills whatsoever. it was one of those items i kept on my amazon wish list for a long time and finally decided purchase...i'll advise on how it turns out but..how can it possibly be bad--a Japanese film +computers + otaku's = perfect/excellent.

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