Friday, January 11, 2008

I just finished the newly released dvd “SUNSHINE”.
It was very,very good in many ways…a minor disappointment in plot but the science, design factors & the applied technology was excellent! It's much more difficult to enjoy film science fiction today. SF today requires a sense of wanting to believe. This to me is due to real time failures in science and technology in our time… as an example, sunshine involves a two year trip, to restart our dead sun, on a craft which creates it’s own oxygen & water…from a biosphere-like oxygen garden---now if I remember correctly this biosphere concept did not work, even while locked in place here on earth…added to this belief problem is the fact that the ship, a major character in the movie on it's own, is able to approach the sun only due to a huge, reflective heat shield...apparently a much better than the system the space shuttle is as if it was simply easier to 'believe' in science fiction 30 years believe in superior technology,prior to the pointed failures of our recent technology and design. At any rate,”sunshine” did dive into the psychological element involved in crew relations on long term missions.Crew relations may indeed be the stumbling block for long term space missions. The photography and digital effects in this film were stunning, beautiful… have got to be into space science fiction to truly enjoy this film---but don’t miss this dvd...
I’ve had my Asus Eee pc in hand for a couple of weeks now and it really seems to be the perfect carry in your backpack UMPC due to it's size,price ($399.00)and weight (2lbs). I've worked out all the standard features, voice command, web cam, media player blahblah…,…the screen is very bright, clear and crisp while the keyboard is extremely workable for my small hands.. I can even touch type, although many find it too small for touch typing. I’d way rather use a small keyboard for communication rather than thumbing or poking out letters and sentences with a stylus which is the main system on so many other UMPC's.…..the comes as standard, Eee linux system is different from what i am familiar with, but very,very usable for what I intend to do with this subnotebook…I’m really jazzed up about the Asus. In point of fact, this entire blog was created on the little asus eee. I have had difficulty in regards to downloading anime-movies etc into/onto the video player standard with the asus--i observed that the asus the video player has an option on playing from a disc drive so i ordered a small, usb-powered disc drive from amazon to hook up to the asus as needed for movie viewing. i realize i am behind the curve with my lack of ability on downloading movies/video---i just can't seem to get a handle on it---probably because of my age, lack of familiarity and the fact that i am way more secured working a disc---for viewing any rate---the disc drive takes no additional plug in--is small, black to match the asus and backpack carries without a problem. Dvd playback of anime on the asus system displays an excellent picture despite the small screen size..i really like this little subnotebook...
i am so glad my wife and i decided to downsize--maximize income-savings and profit after reading the news lately. I use bbc for news, feeling that their system provides a more honest viewpoint on the US... there have been several articles of concern recently----the first that the income/wealth acquisition for the average American has for the first time fallen below that of the average Englishman. My concern is not from a USphobic stance but rather from fear of what the republicans have been doing to us. The principle that keeps the US intact is that through a republic/union the individual advances in lifestyle and possibility of wealth---to me this is the only underlying element that keeps our bizarre, segmented populace moving in a direction...this transfer of wealth to the rich over the past eight years now shows it's ultimate result---the next step is to a "children of men" like general social system....The other item on the bbc was an article on an upcoming recession in the US...due to lack of consumer confidence...these types of dire economic predictions makes me so glad that we have gotten ourselves and our finances together possibly in advance of these problems.
I have not dropped my solar power plans and desires...i've just put them on hold until we get settled. I am hoping to mount two or three, high quality, high output solar panels on the roof of our garage eventually and tie the panels into the power meter to take advantage of new mexico's power buy back of the new things i'm doing to take advantage of the lower profile of the new home is I installed a very cool, weather information system (that my wonderful wife purchased for us). Wind, temperature, rainfall, pressure everything is observed and recorded by remote sensors. With the smaller, lower house i can actually mount the sensors myself, and am in the process of doing so...right now just the temperature and humidity sensor is up and transmitting to the kitchen base station but soon the wind sensor and rainfall sensor will be up and going. This system also plugs into yur laptop to provide a full screen display of trends and forecasting with the supplied software---i will probably wind up hooking this system to my small lifebook.....since i am now electronically monitoring the weather from inside--i am officially a geezer!

My most recently ordered book is "Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers" by Henry Jenkins...described as an examination of the cultural life of individuals deeply involved in combinations of SF, gaming, otaku style fandom and cyberculture. I have not yet started this book--it is the type of subject matter i like to carry around in my backpack for the odd moments when the "i wish i had something to read syndrome" strikes while i'm waiting for something or someone, somewhere. I'll let you know how this works out. As a last little note---for the first time in about 100 years the average Briton has a higher salary and has a greater acquisition of wealth than the average American---nobody seems to actually paying attention to this in our society---amazing....if you don't believe me here's the link
I've been backward about posting, my apologies--just alot to do at the new place..

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