Monday, July 04, 2011

I've been wanting to purchase a used vehicle of some kind for future adventures before I retire---for things such as camping, exploring back roads, traveling, something to bring the fun in driving and vehicle ownership back to me which i seem to have somehow along the way-----completely lost.....As always I am born on the wrong continent---I'd really love to buy a used, Lada Niva....of course, unknown here in the United States---although imported and sold everywhere else in the world!
This Strong like Bull--little Siberian two door, 4x4---4 cylinder would be perfect for us...the Lada Niva is known for being "always broken, but always running".....
It is very retarding to be me, very difficult----I'll never find one of these here at a reasonable price if at all----

I am on leave effective this weekend for two working weeks----I have been banking my leave for 5 months.....We're staying put--working on the house, the garden, and personal projects. The material that just seems to never, ever get done no matter how hard you try to get to it----things like------- I have collated together our emergency medical supplies into a labeled backpack hung within easy reach---mounted fire extinguishers in the food storage area.......sharpening knives and organizing edc equipment....the construction of the front and back porches are now complete and I cleaned up after the project the other day---this morning we had front and back doors open to the air and had coffee on the front porch....excellent.

You have absolutely got to see this---lizard leaps on the morning news guy's crotch and he spasms like nothing you've ever seen before---unbelievable!

I am looking forward to the release of PRIEST on DVD....I've been following this movie since pre-production....A war, humans against vampires, a sect of warrior priests arose to save society---with the war supposedly over they are marked and useless...but yet----it's not over. The stills from the movie look so very dark and styling which is something I enjoy---I like that Gotham city dark, brooding climate in my movies----go figure?

One of the best everyday carry movies is SALT.....Jolie pursued by the Feds, runs to her apartment where she keeps a complete bug out bag just in case she has to make the emergency Go thing happen---money, mini laptop, weapons, clothing, everything necessary for life on the run, for a few days, is in the bag.....I am thinking of renting the movie again just for that, the rest of the movie didn't do much for me...

An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself.
Albert Camus

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David Scott said...

I have often felt that same way on cars. But then my wife says that the vehicle I like tend to be very offbeat.

"Salt" and "Preist" were both good movies. If you get a chance watch "The Eagle"