Thursday, July 07, 2011

Into my second week of vacation now---i have been rebuilding my computing nerd cave, command center into a cleaner, more pleasant place to work----I have completed an entire list of to-do jobs---this vacation has so far been productive and feels as if it is longer and more restful than other vacations I have experienced....I believe that when I return to work i will be both rested and have a feeling of accomplishment---which should last for at least, well,----
two weeks anyway...................

As of today 07-11-11 no budget, no action on the debt ceiling---Meetings, meetings, meetings-----Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare but want no tax increases on their millionaire clientele--cut school lunches for poor kids, sure----- raise taxes on the rich--never---The Fat, stupid, lap dog of Satan Racist Tea party people are simply Bat shit crazy..........The Democrats are afraid to be who they are and do what they were elected to do---they want to be ersatz Republicans seeking that elusive undeclared, centralist voter to insure reelection....meanwhile confusion reigns---the entire country created only 18,000 jobs during the last accounting period---we need 130,000 new jobs created a month, just to make space for newly anointed adults entering the workforce---yet officials deny we are in a depression!

I am at a complete loss as to what we are doing and where we are going as a society----The Republican Taliban created this mess but are claiming they are actually the saviors of society and the Walmart voting block believes them?? Yell about Jesus---pretend people are out of work because they want to be---compare marijuana to heroin---never agree to anything so you cannot be held accountable and constantly expose people to fear of a nameless, shapeless foreign, boogie man---all this appears to be the Republican/Tea Party keys to power over our stupid, stupid NASCAR nation. Nothing makes sense a thinking human I can no longer allow myself to care, it hurts too much......we are so fucked. Grow food....

Although understandably not truly serious about finding a Lada Niva mentioned in the last blog, I am completely serious about purchasing a used vehicle, without a doubt a Jeep Wrangler, for adventures....for something to focus on, make work seem necessary and to occasionally get away. New Mexico is a state where actually owning a jeep can be useful---as compared to the suburban wasteland SUV uselessness.
There are thousands of BLM roads accessing publicly owned lands---great state parks and places that a jeep can actually be compared the way in most places owning a jeep indicates a Mall attack vehicle, usually driven in an insane manner on the interstate by a soccer mom late for snowflakes ballet practice !

If I wind up working for longer than I had originally planned due to the depression, I want a personal project to show for my effort---something to make the continued prostitution of myself worthwhile...i need this.....desperately.

Happy Birthday to my blog's namesake---

I am changing my mental attitude on the projects I undertake----At one point in my life, I could never consider a project truly completed----there was always more to do according to my little OCD brain pan....projects were an unending, ongoing, situation----but as they said in the Holy Grail---"I'm getting better".

I consider my every day carry equipment project completed---I have what I need, organized properly and totally last few equipment purchases are in route. There is nothing more I need....

I consider my Prius vehicle project completed----I have done everything possible in my circumstances to achieve the highest possible daily home to work, commuting mileage. Reducing my gasoline consumption and profit to Dick Cheney as low as humanly possible.

I consider my mobile computing project completed----I have what I need and what I have works wonderfully for my daily requirements....there is nothing more necessary.

There are other ongoing projects that are nearing completion---at least I accept that completion of these projects is now possible---a strange thing for me......I'll advise on completion of these projects as they develop---

Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it.
W. Somerset Maugham

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David Scott said...

It is extremely frustrating.

If I had to make a decision today on retirement not sure I could do it.

There does come that time in any project that you realize that is as good as it going to get and you move on.

Take a look at the Suzuki tracker 4WD 2 door. It might fit the bill with low 20's mpg and low cost investment. I had one for a while and worked pretty good.