Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am coming to the end of my leave from work----In a few short days I will no longer own myself a loss that has come to pass all too soon. I am content with what I have accomplished over the past two weeks in considering this most recent time off--- sitting here in my nerd cave at this particular moment-- that won't last once I am back in the daily work system...

Corporate Netflicks is in for a very rude surprise. Netflicks recently announced price increase to six times the current fee is merely a normal, greed-filled, there is never enough profit, capitalist enterprise move. The problem is the days of screwing the American, cash cow public are over---Mired in this greatest depression we have nothing left to be screwed out of...I am killing our Netflicks accounts (I imagine I will not be alone with this)---The previous rate of video rental and program streaming for our two accounts at $16.00 a month was viable---with the newly announced price increase bringing our costs to $46.00 a month means they can go fuck themselves! The rulers of this company apparently feel that they have addicted the public to their service, and after eliminating the competition the time is now right to rape the consumer? The problem is that they do not understand they offer an unnecessary product...one that can be easily stripped from daily life...they fail to understand that there is nothing left to shake from the pockets of the average citizen of this country.... bankers, Republicans and corporate raiders have taken it all---good luck in Bankruptcy Netflicks---
as Carter Burke said in Aliens----"It was a bad call Ripley, a bad call."

A minor task I accomplished during this most recent leave event was one of those time consuming, small jobs that somehow consistently evaded me---collating all our emergency first aid supplies into a day pack which is now hung on the wall by the door of our supply shed---next to a fire extinguisher...... Building an emergency med kit I considered an absolute necessity for us but I just could never make it happen until now.
We still have containers full of standard use household medical back-up supplies, the kit I built is the best I can do with the emergency medical materials we have collected over time. This is a simple--- grab, help or bug out med kit for both household or survival emergencies..it just took time to construct----I am very happy over this small accomplishment.

The Michelle Bachmann hand gesture library....

Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up!

Continuing to delve into the world of T-shirts I cannot live without is my (coming soon)--- Army of Darkness-Boomstick T-Shirt....I am separating the human wheat from the unknowing chaff that i meet randomly while wearing these types of Shirts---

A man growing old becomes a child again.

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David Scott said...

The Thing with Kurt Russel is one of my favorite films as Escape from New York as well.

We only do the Netflx streaming as old movies are our favorites. Others we get off Redbox rentals.

Enjoyed the blog.