Sunday, June 26, 2011

No progress on the debt ceiling talks---and the band aided budget runs out on September 2----

The only troops we are pulling out of Afghanistan are the thousands we recently pushed into there leaving 70,000 more to go what a great solution-----we talk while we are burning up our youth and our fortune.

I am very close to being finished with my every day carry projects. With the recent delivery of an Esse Isula and Esse Rat 3 knives, new clothing and belts, and completing the construction of my mini-urban survival kit, there is only the last hurdle to accomplish. Finding a new bag to fit both the new protocols and newly acquired equipment. I am considering the, above and below displayed, Maxpedition Sabercat carry-all/butt pack. Capable of being slung from the shoulder, handle carried, used as a butt pack or attached to my Maxpedition Falcon II pack as an extra compartment------ this item should be the last bag I ever require.

Everyday for two weeks over 100F---I've seen 111 on my Prius exterior thermometer---no rain for months--searing wind, the city of Alamogordo is on fire---yet we just pulled carrots, 2 kinds of beets, and heads of cabbage from the garden tonight---my wife JoJo is amazing......she makes the desert bloom!

The porches on the house are finally finished both front and back and I will produce pictures soon they will be just excellent during the spring, fall and winter here to sit out and watch the world go by---I am averaging 49 miles per gallon on my commute----and I am due for some time off---Our little homesteading world is good---the world outside I'm just not so sure of.....

My Last vote in any election is going to go to:
that insane clown posse cheerleader, Republican Stepford wife, God tells me all kinds of shit he doesn't tell anyone else, I recently declared I want to be President----Michele Bachmann...I want the end of our society to hurry up and get here----and this bitch is certainly the one to end it......she is Colonel Kurtz in high heels---- and she scares even "real" Republicans----proven when I tell all the bible thumping Republicans at work my plans to vote for her and why----they sort of cringe---and look like they just ate something bad...I'll fix em' she's got my vote......

Matt Tabi wrote an excellent article on her for Rolling Stone recently accessed by the link below....

(with apologies to my friend Bill)

With the coming of July it has now been one full year since my last haircut....I am lucky that at 59 I have the same amount of hair i had at 19---the result of a strange gene pool but that's a completely different story...... With hair at my shoulders I now wear a true ponytail---not one of those little punk things----mine is now a big solid gray, Willie Nelson like, ponytail.....I have thus far saved $420.00 in haircuts and 18 hours in private time over the course of one year. It is a strange psychological circumstance that the social damage occurred early in the process---people give you shit when you are growing a ponytail---not when you have whole hair life is much, much simpler now--just tie it back--no more thinking that I have to get it cut---when can i get it cut---do people think i need to get it cut---blahblahblah.

Any man who has $10,000 left when he dies is a failure.

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David Scott said...

Warren - I reread your blog entry two or three times and thinking about what you had to say overall.

Politically - I am finally seeing the President I voted for. It may not get far but at least he is saying no more screwing the country without paying for it.

Garden - Water and Sun combined in the right amounts does the trick and apparently your JoJo has it down pat. Congrats on your garden.

Socially - I choose the path for several reasons, one medical, of a buzz cut. You might be suprised to know it even pisses people off. So to repeat the sentiment in Ricky Nelsons "Garden Party" You can't pelase everyone so you got to please yourself.