Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The rebels are always cooler------------

I have always believed that if you can obtain one new fact or one new concept from a book that this one new fact or new concept alone was worth the cost of the book.
Wendy Brown's book Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs--is proof that my theory is correct.
Remaining clean and insuring that your personal environment, clothes, kitchen area is clean in a societal economic collapse is a major point that Ms. Brown points out which I had never considered previously....cleanliness prevents disease----and prevention of health problems when our society collapses will be the primary source of medical care.....the ability to wash can be as important as the ability to eat--------establishing a process for washing ourselves, our clothing and our food preparation areas will be much, much more difficult when water must be transported by hand and heated over open fires especially when you are already cold and worn out---soap will be hard to obtain or must be personally manufactured....all these difficulties would lead some to begin living as a middle ages peasant with a bath when you are born and a bath when you die as the protocol. This must not be allowed to happen, my homesteading concept will now include washing areas, and designs to simplify staying clean in a low technology environment----thanks to Ms. Brown.

An Anarchist Dog walking commune in Washington DC has free health insurance, profit sharing and Seven weeks of vacation a year----where do I sign up?

Izula knife kit above and Springfield M6 combination .22 caliber rifle over .410 shotgun, breakdown, survival rifle below.......needs and wants, needs and wants-------

A scathing report by our Latvian NATO allies on the performance of the Afghan military in combat...despite our billions spent and our soldiers lives lost when they turn the gun on their US trainers....a small article buried in the net....truth has to be searched for....

I've mentioned previously many times the theft of 6 billion dollars flown to Iraq to supposedly aid in the reconstruction under the Bush Administration.......finally someone else realizes this is outrageous even for the Bush administration...but it is the Iraqi's that are threatening to take the US to court------claiming they never received the money and they want it?
Now, just how the fuck does this work?

Could we finally, finally grow some sense and unass both these places-----or will we have to go bankrupt as a nation before we pull out and allow the Afghans and the Iraqi's to return to having fun with their dancing boys?

A long, long time friend of mine who kindly reads my crap once in awhile asked me an excellent question in an email....if everything and everyone we know will be gone
why bother to survive? Why bother to prepare?
This is an excellent question one that we all should think on.... Masada comes to mind....

I thought on this for a bit and answered as honestly as I could...although being pressed for time I admit could have explained in an email of greater depth...first---- I have a responsibility to my wife, my JoJo, to insure that I have prepared as best as we can for any possibility in our old age. Prepping/survivalist whatever term applies works to that responsibility. The security of food, shelter, water, medicines, and protection are the basics....all of which are provided by the actions, plans and skills developed now.

I further advised that if our society as we know it destroys itself economically, socially, politically I do truly feel that whatever survives the fall will be more honest---I know this is a bizarre statement but---- societal collapses are a natural response to unnatural growth and management by stupidity...I wish harm to none but we have gone into that zone which lies beyond our ability to fix crucial failures in our society while it continues to operate---while it struggles along pretending to be active and viable....while crumbling and frozen in place.

My last response was that I wouldn't have to continue working if our society folded in on itself...this may have been made in a joking manner but there is a great deal of truth to be responsible for your own survival rather than dependent on electronic payments to accounts would provide a sense of freedom to me rather than a feeling of the end of everything.
I don't see the end as an end but rather as a new beginning to be embraced....regardless of personal age...........

Run a home like you would a small business and treat it with the same seriousness.
Anthea Turner


David Scott said...

Great post. Water will be the key to survial in any kind of world.

As fro me I survive to piss people off if for no other reason.

Deus Ex Machina said...

Warren, I am glad you took a chance and, more importantly, were able to take something away from Wendy's book. She likes to point out that very few people suggest adding a library to your preparations ... can you tell she likes books?

Warren said...

thanks for the comment Dues---Ms. Brown's book was excellent all the way around---i recommend it...