Friday, December 03, 2010

Some day we will get tired of being fucked over
Soldiers of God----on the Muhajid's in Afghanistan
and Pakistan
ordered: Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free
working on: collecting and shelling Pecans still, our winter garden since the cabbages survived the first real frost----and Misc---like fixing a pair of boots.
Are they actively, consciously, working night and day at insuring the US becomes 3rd world? This weeks announcement of a freeze in pay for government employee's and the Republican screams of dropping government employee pay by 10% insures our upcoming 3rd world status.
Traditionally in the United States we expect our politicians and government agency heads to be bribed but we have not accepted, as the rest of the 3rd world has, that the standard low level government worker requires a bribe simply to do their duty. But now, by the stupidity of the political class and the greed of the upper class, we are guaranteeing required bribery by reducing federal and state government pay and benefits, that the fragrant grease,as the bribe is translated from Arabic, will be an absolute requirement within the average humans dealing with any level of government employee. The same as in any other 3rd world nation.
It is just amazing to me that we would set out to specifically accomplish such a thing. To actually say that we are going to purposefully turn our system of no-bribe government into the Nigerian model....just to obtain a sound bite on the news. To pretend you are attacking the national deficit, is beyond my understanding.
Those of you laughing now, you will not be laughing when you have to hand over a twenty just to get the clerk at the motor vehicle department to talk to you much less handle your paperwork...Some day you'll tell younger people of how it used to be.....we are pitiful.

This month's prep purchases were directed to my continuing goal of good solid practical clothing to last through the end of my work days into retirement....geezer tactical is my name for this clothing line.

I recently acquired the above jacket which is a perfect copy of the French Foreign Legion, Lizard camouflage, battle dress jacket used by the French during the Algerian conflict. I have previously attempted to purchase original jackets but the French have a strange concept that a 38" chest represents an Extra Large human. This perfect copy by Woolrich actually fits real sized American humans.... as a bonus it contains even more pockets than the original. It's a great value and a great light weight jacket that works well with layering.

The second item acquired was 3 Propper, cotton Ripstop, long sleeve Tactical Shirt in Khaki available from Amazon. These are great, great, shirts that i expected to be really long wearing. They look very clean and the badge hanger on the pocket is removable. Combined with my black EMT 6 pocket pants these shirts look and feel really good. I can also throw my emergency tie on them for meetings at work....and no one can say a thing.
Remember that my whole reasoning for Geezer Tactical is to escape the executive wear work requirements and eliminate the expense of work clothing that will not transfer to my real world now and after retirement. I am not trying to be styling at all, i am just trying to stock good, solid, real world viable clothing that will last and escape the trap of work clothing that displays tribal positioning.

The last item i acquired for the month of December is a Ken Onion straight blade knife and sheath. This is a beautiful knife and perfectly sized to actually wear on your belt without difficulty. I never feel really comfortable with using a folding knife although i own several. It is nice to have a real knife on you and available for around the homestead and work use. The sheath is excellent and rides high on your belt concealing nicely, and the blade length is within legal limits for most communities.

Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
John Kenneth Galbraith

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David Scott said...

I dig what your are saying both in your words and selection of photos. keep them coming.

On your gezzer cothing line. The nice part of gettin older your are less inhitted. For me it is pleated dickes pants and tees and polos /w pockets for around the house and square shirttail shirts with pockets worn untucked for going out usually with a soft cap.

Keep the blogs coming.