Saturday, November 27, 2010

I have a list for next months preparation purchases....on the list is more sturdy, long lasting paramilitary clothing..shirts and a jacket... a new belt knife.. and two or three additional #10 cans of dehydrated food. All purchases are designed to stay within my individual monthly acquisition budget. I will discuss December's preparations in the next blog.
The purchase of sturdy clothing to replace previously demanded work attire will be an ongoing process. The initial concept has actually worked out very well. ( from my viewpoint anyway ) It is much more pleasing to purchase useful, long term, useful clothing rather than being forced to purchase clothing required for only a limited work-social basis....I have been done with buying plumage for work for some time now and there has been no workplace-societal push back on me so far. I now have one black tie i keep in the glove box of my Prius---I put it on for meetings and take it off immediately afterward. I now purchase clothing only for utility rather than social standing requirements.

We spent nothing on Black Friday. This is easier for us than for most people since my wife and i have no family and do not celebrate Christmas. We watch Christmas and every other manufactured holiday from the sidelines...and the system makes and takes nothing from us. Our society is a prisoner of this Christmas system. Prisoners on both sides buying or selling, unwilling or unable to escape. I am not about to try and convince anyone to abandon this retarded situation...But you do know how used you are----don't you?
Is there anything inside these stores worth standing in line for? Fighting for?

Some might respond that the desire to save money is the reasoning. This i can understand, but why is it that you allow yourself to be herded in a specific direction on a specific date? I have read that the bill for this holiday shopping comes out to $400.00 for every human in the United States. Someone else has to pay our $400.00---every year----- our Christmas present to each other is that we do not have to. We refuse to be consumer prisoners.

Apollo 18, the Moon mission that supposedly never happened.
According to a movie under production, Apollo 18 did happen and we met something that required a complete cover up. There's not much available on this film at this moment, I think tho that i will follow it and see if it makes DVD status.

I may have failed to write a review on a few books I've read lately so the below listed are quick reviews of reads i have done lately:
The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle:
I bought this looking for trading/bartering/living information based on his experience in living without money for a year it wasn't there--the book was not worth it.
Griftopia by Matt Taibbi:
an excellent read, and an excellent explanation on how our economy was stolen by wall street greed and interbreeding with government agencies-----definitely worth it---great book.
American Taliban by Karkos Molitsas:
An excellent, well written book with an excellent premise--that the Muslim Taliban and the American conservative religious nuts are one and the same philosophy. Worth it.
In Spite of the Gods by Edward Lucy:
A study of Modern India and it's future---an excellent book. It is very hard to write properly on India and Lucy does an excellent job. Worth it.

When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: 'Whose?'
Don Marquis


David Scott said...

Interesting commentary on the Xmas debacle.
We do celebrate Xmas here in the Scott homestead. But focus on mostly grandkids with practical items for the adults that they have not been able to get but knew they wanted. Like tools cooking supplies books.
We have done he black friday feeding frenzy in the past but never more as most of the time we have already bought what we needed before then.
Anyway we try not to disappoint the kids but adults they are used to it.

Anonymous said...

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