Saturday, November 20, 2010

When done posting this edition I am going out back to the shed to start shelling a couple of hundred pecans i recovered from our tree this year. I have no grand process of doing this, just a hammer, a pocket knife and jars with screw on lids that we have saved. Once i get tired of shelling pecans and knowing that i have more than enough to go around for the next shelling session....

.........I'll stop for the day, come inside and get to work on some handmade cards for my wife's upcoming birthday.
The point of advising this is that what one can do towards self sufficiency often has nothing whatsoever to do with weapons, boarding windows, or zombie proofing the property.
Self sufficiency is often best represented by creation.....and not by fear.
I am saving branches, cut into small lengths which naturally fall from our pecan tree...we have a self standing outdoor fireplace and a hibachi for possible emergency cooking, I'm creating a stockpile of pre-cut dried branches for use.
I am reading the Orvis fly fishing guide book.
I am watching over our winter garden to see what happens.
I am recharging batteries.
There is nothing road warrior like about what i am doing this weekend----there shouldn't be.

Millions of words have already been written on the net over the People's Revolt against TSA. My little bity input is although this mini uprising will without a doubt accomplish is heartening to see people rise up against the anti-terrorism confidence game that is being pulled on them. TSA has already pulled the requirement that Pilots suffer back scatter x-rays and physical searches----but then again they have a union while you, the public, have only the people you elected....

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

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