Thursday, November 11, 2010


American society's biggest problem may be that citizens will have to face problems the likes of which are unknown today...For example, Anarchist's in Great Britain attacked the Conservative Party headquarters over proposed cutbacks in public services the other day.....The American public takes more shit quietly than any other society in the world other than the Russians....we did in the past anyway. Once the American public becomes hungry, cannot drive, faces standing in line for food, and the vast new underclass understands there is and will be nothing for them.....avoiding demonstrations and violent public activity in your community may become a new way of life for you on a daily basis. This does not at all concern the upper class, with limo's, gated communities, corporate aircraft and private security services. The boot of the Upper classes remains on your neck without them actually touching us.

When working overseas it was not at all unusual to have to avoid travel through specific areas due to food riots or religious riots or job just readjusted the route and moved on. The greatest danger was in turning a corner to become accidentally involved in a riot or demonstration....but it is surprising how life has to go on---you have to get to work, or you have to shop for food, or you have to take your child to school or the doctor.....there are have to's that make one face these types or problems in the 3rd world which we were immune to, but we will have to face in the new American future.
If this demonstrative, reactive collective behavior starts in the US, information on food riots, job riots, etc will probably be controlled.....we will not know what types of disturbances are occurring across the country or in your own area until these incidents become impossible to spin or the sheer numbers grow until the facts are uncontrollable by local, state and federal governments.
In our future one may have to be attuned to the feeling of the must know when a food line is becoming agitated....and know when to leave. We may have to learn how to turn around and find another way due to a gut feeling about an area..... But we as a society may face these situations like the Russians did....immense lines of quietly broken humans, shuffling about in old clothes, hoping for the best while expecting the worst....there is a great possibility that Americans are so broken by false promises seasoned with equally false hopes that our society will accept what it is given by it's broken leadership and corporate spin doctor's with the only response being depression and quiet despair while we slowly starve to death in the dark............. But then again....... we have guns.

Salt...wars have been fought over it....and i had forgotten about it until this past week. Spices i can and do grow especially chillies and garlic-6--- the crops New Mexico is known for...but salt? In desert conditions salt takes on a special need..being possibly without refrigeration creates an additional need for salt for food preservation. Here we are without access to the sea, the easiest source for the home made salt process. Every source I investigated on making salt began with the phrase---"take salt water and then--blahblahblah" ------no help for me there. Now on trips to the grocery, we always buy a container of salt---for stockpiling. Every time. This salt storage may last us until we find some local source of production or trade. I'd recommend thinking of salt---it is easy to overlook in our current lives---if all else fails grab a few little packets each time you are at a fast food place. They are trying to kill you with their food anyway-------at least they owe you a couple of packets of salt?

I have been stockpiling individual meal food such as MRE's. I have now begun to stockpile #10 cans of dehydrated foodstuffs. Individual meal packets are necessary for short term emergencies, camping, travel etc. However for the long term #10 cans are a much better value.

The market has a large array of brands and types, I prefer Mountain House, due to experience with their food while backpacking. #10 cans by Mountain house contain 10 standard servings (the serving size is actually pretty large for the average person) and have a shelf life of 25 years....much longer than MRE's or any standard can food.
Although some varieties such as the freeze dried pre-cooked ground beef are expensive in this size container I tend to purchase the cheaper, but viable plainer meals such as, chicken with rice, spaghetti with meat sauce etc. These plainer meals can be touched up by onions, peppers, chives etc from our garden.
I specifically stockpile the Mountain House #10 cans of Crackers which are a large lifeboat type cracker of which each can contains 70. The reasoning behind this is that I reside in basically the desert, settlers here had to do without wheat and bread until literally the 1900's. Rather than stockpiling wheat as some do, I've decided to substitute these crackers for bread, taking less space and less caloric output than grinding wheat and baking bread. You have to remember that the caloric investment in producing food must be at least equalled by the food you end up with. It does you no good to burn 10,000 calories to produce 500.
The #10 can system is easy to store and i tape a military P-38 can opener to every 4th can...just in case....One cannot store enough food to live off of forever. These cans are for winter shortages, a break in eating from the garden and to cover a bad growing season if necessary. Ten servings is 10 days for one person if necessary.

Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again.
Andre Gide

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