Saturday, November 06, 2010

This is this last political comment i will ever make on this blog. I was a victim of hope. This will never happen again. After turning away from voting and engaging in zero political discussion or involvement for almost 30 years, I voted twice and fell victim to believing that there was a chance that our society could be rebuilt.
The 2010 election and the restoration of Republican power in the House has once and for all eliminated any respect i have for the American Public whose society I share. This Jerry Springer political process and the upcoming results of gridlock, failure and political theater have provided a personal guilt. I KNEW BETTER, than to hope for something different something intelligent in our political process, but i allowed myself to believe. That is my sin.
It will never happen again for the rest of my life. I am no longer involved. I am done. The American Taliban, the Republican Party, has won. They have won because they recognized the American Public as the purposefully stupid, fearful, fat, ignorant, Jabba the Hut slug that they are and directed this mob of ignorance in the direction they wished to return as the lapdogs of the elite class.
We are done, the only thing left to do is watch the decline, and become Zen like about the society that could have been but never was. This was our last chance. We are bankrupt, jobless, without manufacturing capability or leadership. Game over. The last vestige of wealth for the common classes is Social Security and you elected the party which wishes to privatize it and turn it over to the same bankers who ruined us......
I will only discuss homesteading, prepping for the future, books, films, computing and bartering from this point on. Never politics or a hopeful future again. Good luck to us all in poverty----we will need it.

An obscure hobby i have is researching, finding and viewing independent---Science Fiction Films. Hunter Prey is one of my film projects. I first uncovered Hunter Prey in small blurbs on the web. Produced, directed and financed independently while filmed in Mexico for location footage and reduced cost, Hunter Prey is a film i am looking forward to.
There was no advertising and I only discovered that Hunter Prey had made it to DVD release was by one of my usual amazon prowling sessions. Hunter Prey was listed about 11,000th on new DVD releases---i immediately pre-ordered it.
Hunter Prey tells the story of a military spacecraft which crashes on a desert planet carrying a prisoner from an alien species with which we are at war. The Alien escapes during the crash and the surviving members of the crew must recapture it.
This hobby of mine can produce excellent results, as when I discovered the movie Outlander and followed it from it's limited release in Spain to it's DVD release on amazon. Or it can provide an expense DVD dog of a movie to be viewed once and never again. I have seen only short clips of Hunter Prey on the web from which it is impossible to tell anything other than the movie shows great promise. Once i receive and view it I'll advise. My goal with this hobby is to support independent SF movies whenever possible----but it requires investigative work and faith to find what is out there.

Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.
Gore Vidal


David Scott said...

Warren - I feel your pain, disgust, and sense of betrayal. It is the same with I.

But I will continue to vote and write letters of protest, and arm myself as well as make prepartions for the difficult times ahead.

froley said...

Dave---you are so correct that preps for the future should be the remaining focus...
thank you so much for your comments