Thursday, December 30, 2010

I saw this T shirt and just had to order it

Updates, new plans, revised plans, status reports on where our projects and personal improvement goals are:

I cannot justify retiring into today's economy....i had hoped to retire within the next 12 months but retirement will be just another lie our society fed me. The only way i would retired is if the monetary system and society crashed as in the Soviet Union in the 90's and then it would make better sense to use my time and energy in real survival production for us rather for the bribery of money but based on today's economic sit rep------ I will not retire. Yes it does bother me and yes it does hurt---i looked so forward to being free for once in my life.
Greenhouse purchase and installation is right on schedule for June, 2011. This will be a cash without debt purchase..with the idea of starting to produce year round food beginning with the winter of 2011/2012...on track on time.

My Lifebook U810 is in route to me and I expected to receive it next week. I am have been considering the purchase of a solar charging pouch/attachment for my every day carry backpack to charge the U810 while i am on the go. I have also bookmarked a portable usb powered, external hard drive, the size of a pack of cigarettes for downloading movies and other high storage requirement data.
I am currently read out of books and on my way to amazon when i complete this blog to resupply, so there are no book reviews or updates currently. Our latest stored food acquisition is a number ten can of Mountain House freeze dried Chicken a la King with noodles....I am attempting to branch out in what i am storing---this can alone will be 10 meals---and possibly a treat from stored staple food products when we are starving---i also stored 1000 waterproof matches.

I have become somewhat fixated on shelling pecans...... the largest surviving tree on our 50'x90' urban homestead is an old pecan tree. This is the first year in the 3 that we started our urban self sufficiency project that i had the time to gather up boxes of pecans....
My wife bought me a type of Amish lever action pecan shell breaker on the Internet.....when she discovered me using a rubber mallet in my first attempt to harvest this year's gift from the tree. This thing works great----i am so far working on my second gallon of perfect pecan nuts to be stored.
There is something incredibly fulfilling about sitting in the kitchen when it is 9 degree's outside shelling pecans...something very hunter/gatherer in doing the right thing at it's right season---I can imagine the guys who built Stonehenge spending time in the winter doing the same shelling near the fire in their hut.

The pecan tree can be an incredible pain in the drops shit all the time, leaves, seeds, branches all aimed at my gutters to prevent me saving rain water...I am constantly sweeping the back patio...but then again, we have squirrels which can be taken by air rifle if necessary, I save the fallen branches to burn in our little outdoor fireplace, and there's the gift of free i never bitch about the tree.
Later on this evening I'll sit in the kitchen and harvest more of what we collected it's enough to turn me into a druid.

75 million Americans are now receiving food stamps.....75 million people in the United States cannot produce enough food through their labor or from their wages to feed themselves an/or their families....75 million. In New Mexico 1 in 5 families are receiving food stamps.

Why are we involved in Iraq and Afghanistan--- our government disregards the will of 63% of the population that desires an immediate end to our involvement in these nations and the use of this incredible waste. This endless war money could be redirected to help feed our own citizens...but our government prefers to feed Afghans rather than our own citizens. The accounting of war costs is so horrible that it should be considered that the government does not actual know what it is spending on these stupid never ending conflicts but it is estimated that one billion dollars per day goes down the toilet in these wars...for no result.

The true unemployment rate untouched by governmental accounting spin stands at 16.6%
It is believed that many of the unemployed will face a situation of simply NO WORK ever again as in's going to get crowded under that bridge.

I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.
Winston Churchill

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David Scott said...

Wow Warren
I am sorry you feel you need to continue to work. I felt that way myself until I realized I just really didn't have a choice. I figured I was on a short list of folks to let go due to health.
Anyway don't close that door. You never know. It seems like us old folks are more disposable.