Friday, December 17, 2010

I continue with no politics, I have been sick delaying my normal posting
it is cold and wet here.

Quite possibly a tie for the best Science Fiction movie of my year is "The Horde" a French Zombie film---YES---FRENCH-----ZOMBIE. More an action horror film the Horde has Nigerian drug dealers, corrupt French police, and Zombies, lots and lots of Zombies.....big, big violence in this one and not for the weak of is simply excellent.

Don't let some of the Amazon reviews fool you. There are viewers that are apparently more interested in how the zombies came about than what is happening in the movie. The coolest, coolest segments are the hand to hand combat scenes with the zombies. In American zombie movies once you are out of ammunition you are zombie food---Not so with the French, they believe in going hand to hand with these bad boys if you are out of ammo and there are outstanding---outstanding----desperate hand to hand scenes with zombies that once again are not for the light of heart.

If you enjoy a GOOD zombie film you absolutely must see the Horde, watch it in French with English subtitles the only way to do it. This is going to be a cult classic.

  • 177 nations guarantee paid leave for new mothers; the U.S. does not.
  • 74 nations guarantee paid leave for new fathers; the U.S. does not.
  • 132 nations guarantee breastfeeding breaks at work; the U.S. does not.
  • 163 nations guarantee paid sick leave; the U.S. does not.
  • 48 nations guarantee paid time off to care for children’s health; the U.S. does not.
  • 41 nations provide leave that can be used for child education needs; the U.S. does not.
  • 33 nations provide paid leave to care for adult family members; the U.S. does not
My newest piece of every day carry I am very proud $5.00 cigarette case. I found this air tight, waterproof small container on amazon. Checked the size and discovered that i could safely place 8 filtered cigarettes inside and close it up. Originally designed for people to take to the beach and hold money, keys etc---it works perfectly in my world as a weather proof cigarette case. Sometimes cool stuff is out there just for the finding.....

How much did that cost? I inquired of my wife when she came home with shaving supplies for me from Sams Club....3 large packages of triple bladed cartridges, and a 3 pack of shaving cream equal $65.00 in todays world. Bullshit I thought...I refuse to play to this game any longer.... unable to stand being bearded, which would be the easiest alternative---I decided to buy a straight razor ( which never runs out of sharp ) and the old fashion shaving soap, Strop and brush pictured here. My belief is that it will pay for itself in 5 months and after that I am free of another societal forced outlay.
There's a learning curve---no doubt. I am unafraid of sharp instruments and easily capable of sharpening the razor when required. This system was the facial hair removal standard for 300 years...why wouldn't it work for me now?....and why did it take me so long to figure this out?...bewitched apparently by not thinking of alternative methods on day to day cost requirements. These items are on their way to me and I'll report on how this all works out...quite possibly from the horrible disfigurement ward of the local hospital.....

In fair weather prepare for foul.
Thomas Fuller

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David Scott said...

Blogging about the human condition must be done if you are capable of feeling any anger at the inequality of life.
If you understand what this country could of been and what it has become how can you not become angry. Either you write about it and get your message out there along with your emails and letters and physical pressence when needed or you keep it in until you stroke out and the family decide it is time to pull the plug.
Your list is spot on. We call ourself a nation that emphasis family values but you and I know it is pure BS.
Zomibe movies as my Wife and grandkids will tell you are my favorite movies. They will also tell you sub-titles don't bother me either. I'll look it up.