Sunday, January 09, 2011

My Rovio remote, mobile, robotic camera system for the house is still a failure---i cannot make the wireless remote access points on the internet connect me to the robot-cam at home to activate it. Therefore it sits lit up looking cool in my nerd cave but i am without success in operating it yet===FAIL.
My straight razor project---at the moment is a FAIL--i cannot seem to cut only facial hair without stripping the hide off my face----more practice---might be the answer but i could easily through more practice wind up looking like i immigrated from a location that required manhood initation facial scarring as a normal part of growing up? Which of course could be really cool but this also ranks as a major FAIL
These two projects have been my biggest fails within my recent world of projects...and I wanted to be honest and report on does no good for the mind and soul to report only successes.

--my home wireless system has failed.
I am currently having to use only the wireless internet access i can obtain in public due to the fact that my home wireless system is screwing up and both myself and the experts on both onlaptops and routers cannot figure out why this is happening, not a single clue---i have replaced everything and no repair or replacement works. My internet access at home has become like electricity in Haiti---you never know when it is going to come on but it spends the majority of it's time not working for mysterious reasons----- i am going to have to develop a system to allow both my equipment to operate on the free wireless internet available out in the world since my laptops will work on public wireless but not on my home wireless--yeah this is the voodoo kind of process i am fighting against.

I think i can, with the proper organization and desire, substitute public wireless for home wireless. I may wind up more organized on what to do where and when but i would also be able to utilize my home time in a more effective manner. Since I have no wireless a home now this may be the only way can continue blogging. I am currently producing this off line to a thumb drive with the idea of copy/pasting to the blog control page and i have no idea of this will work....

Often overlooked in this country, Korea makes some of the best, most bizzare, angst ridden, techno and firearm orientated science fiction movies....I am currently watching YESTERDAY a Korean science fiction film made in 2002. It is by no means the Matrix but it is a solid SF film. In Korean SF you often have to sit through much oriental interpersonal character crap to get to the little gem moments of visual futurism like corporate advertising on police wireless communications to pay for access or Korean Rasta's commiting assinations aided by Basuke motorcycle gangs in futuristic cities.

Do not pass up a Korean SF film...even tho the plot may be weak the visuals will probably be stunning, and their views of the future are more on target than ours.

I am going to bring up an ugly point--and suffer the consequences without a doubt but i feel it has to be said---- so OK but why haven't military personnel health care, salaries, and benefits been cut along with everyone else's? Don't give me that patriotic crap---i wouldn't ask this question if we still had a draft army---now IT'S a JOB---volunteer means you don't have to if you don't want to....not like my day where they yanked you from the world you wanted, shaved your head and put you into a world you didn't want and if you resisted you went to prison for not doing what you were told.

This is now a JOB like all the other JOBs then why no cuts? I don't care about the blahblahblah of support our troops------- if they are being killed they are being killed due to the stupidity of our leadership---- Change the leadership, they DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS---- unlike draftees who had face the choice of being killed in a stupid war or maybe being killed by their own government for refusing. This is now a JOB.

We have 536,000 people in the military doing what for society right at this moment? I mean cast off the ingrained propaganda as best you can....does driving a truck around FT. Leonard Wood for a couple of years entitle you to free health care for life? Is that right? and who of course is paying for this? If the concept is that military creates an actual job for people then put them all in engineering battalions and work on the infrastructure or fix old peoples houses. At least OUR SOCIETY would get something back from the gazillions of dollars we have contributed which have been WASTED by the military over my little lifetime for chirstsakes. Right now our military exists to maintain a crumbling empire that has never worked...we have only allowed the rest of the world that we protect to utilize their money for national health care, good schools and developing their society instead of paying their nations real defense costs....Our military today is a JOB and should be treated like one without the flag waving----as should their costs versus return value to society value imbalance. We cannot continue paying for an imperial army...or provide benefits for life for anyone that gets hired. With the result as a return on the investment of them wandering about Afghanistan, getting killed and solving nothing in ten years......PUT AN END TO THIS!

A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.
J. P. Morgan

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David Scott said...

Warren - sounds like your home wireless internet system gone south for the winter. I can never figure out how these things happen. But the good news is ---- well there is no good news.

Anyway good luck on getting it all straighten out.

As to the straight razor. My Dad taught me to use one when I was young and he used a blownup ballon with shaving cream to deveope a soft touch. When you learn to shave the ballon without popping it then you are ready to shave yourself or another. By the way when it pops shaving cream goes evrywhere.