Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I seem to be fairly well balanced this past week(month)---although disturbed about the economic news i am preparing for the future as best as possible. I am learning to relax at work and apply the Chinese proverb that at work "in confusion there is profit."
I have finished all my projects other than the repair of my Rovio, either the company has gone out of business or they are simply ignoring my request for replacement parts. If i don't hear from them soon i will try and hack a solution for that problem. I have given up on my French military Bag as a no go for what i wanted to do----but i will use it as a range or utility bag.
Thoughts and actions follow:

This month, August, i located and stored, a half case of Kraft canned cheese!... i was beside myself at finding this...It's easy to put away standard goods like beans or rice..but stockpiling the foods or flavors that will keep you wanting to keep eating over a long term problem time is difficult.
This cheese is manufactured by Kraft subsidiaries for overseas markets where refrigeration, or power for refrigeration, or local milk products are ify at best. This is now available on Amazon. I'll pick up another half case next month or when the opportunity presents itself. But no matter how much i will have stored. During an emergency, being able to eat canned cheese and canned pilot crackers could make all the difference in the world mentally.
It is getting more and more difficult for the media to happy spin the economic news. A national growth rate of 1.6%, which is basically standing still. Less and less consumer spending, not one, one, new MacMansion was sold anywhere in the United States in the month of July...let me repeat that---not one new MacMansion style house was sold in our country in the month of July.
Blockbuster video is going under along with several clothing retailers. I only mention these due to the loss of what i would call teen jobs within those business's. If a young man or woman wished to help the family out while in high school these are the target employers and they are dying out. Let's not forget that the Government Stimulus is due to expire in the Autumn..and many jobs were only saved by an influx of G money.
California is economically still in the toilet and I am so hoping that the disgruntled Californian citizens legalize Marijuana by vote this year. That'll upset the G at it's breakfast.
Our food manufacturers continue to poison us due to greed. First hamburger, then eggs, then 380,000 pounds of poisoned lunch meat at Walmart. I simply cannot understand the corporate mind that would poison their customers for short term profit....we may deserved to be destroyed. In China, although corrupt, at least they walk these guys out of their factories and shoot them in the back of the head. Here the poisoners walk away because they buy the justice system.
This poisoning of our commercial foodstuffs has completely reinforced my belief in my urban homesteading lifestyle...we trade tomato's for local eggs, we don't eat meat so an entire realm of potential commercial food poisoning is removed from our existence. We eat meals direct from our own garden, washed by our own hands....unspoiled by greed.
There are still commercial foodstuffs that we purchase of course and that we store against the uncertain future---we cannot as yet be completely out of the system. But just applying our lifestyle this summer made us free from worry. I absolutely know and accept now that We are correct in following this lifestyle. It's the world out there that is fucked up and will only get worse.

I have been devouring books again----just absorbing the printed word requiring me to have a continual supply line in of new books....I just received my reading for next week----"Dismantling the Empire" by Chamlers Johnson, "Off the Grid" by Nick Rosen and
"The Coming Famine" by Julian Cribb.
Dismantling the Empire I found recommended on Huffington Post and in reading the reviews it appears the author and i already agree on many points--first and foremost is our national need to retreat to fortress America to heal our wounds. Let the rest of the world work out their own problems without us.....I am very interested in reading this book.....
"Off the Grid" is written in a very humanistic style by Mr. Rosen, a Brit, who traveled throughout the US staying with independent homesteaders old and new...i am enjoying this book.
I'll rate all three of these books when read.
Recent books read and rated:
"The Witch of Hebron" by James Kunstler (Fiction) 8 out of 10 if you like end of civilization novels. If you are into this type of fiction you will enjoy this book if not stay away from it.
"The Worst Hard Time" by Timothy Egan (Non-Fiction) 9 out of 10. Excellent history of the Dust Bowl of the 1930's I recommend.

It has been quite a while since i have written on watches...Nothing has perked my interest since the huge Timex Expedition digital i received as a birthday present from my wife. Nothing until recently that is......

I just received my Casio G-Shock GA-100a9 in "rescue" yellow"...I've been working on my Geezer tactical clothing line which is primarily black, olive green and desert tan. This screaming yellow watch puts a little color in the every day carry personal equipment.

I have been changing my way of doing things, thinking, acting and dress. The way to finalize the process to me is with a new watch. This G Shock has 30 functions, timers, alarms, world time,stop watch, day of the week, day date, world time etc....although it does lack Casio's newest technical features of solar power and linkage to an atomic clock to insure accuracy....The Ga-100 provides the data i require in a large readable, rugged package---it is simply an excellent watch which i highly recommend in any color---although believe me the Yellow is spectacular----I also ordered a clip on compass for this band and a 10.5 foot, braided, para-cord bracelet. Having 10 feet of para-cord available on my person at all time will be excellent. My Everyday carry equipment is evolving nicely.

"Bottom line is, she looks at me funny one time, I'm putting her down. OK as far as I'm concerned, number eight is a meat by-product."

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