Friday, August 20, 2010

Reading: The Witch of Hebron by James Kunstler and Three Stations by Martin Cruz Smith
The world is producing strangeness faster than one can input the information. Climate change continues to display just an advertisement of what really is to come.

Amazing how the concept of a nuclear Iran makes people run in a circle and bite their own ass....Iran is supposedly firing up it's nuclear reactor this week---- Nukes give a nation entry into the world's national country club...without nukes your nation is immaterial on the world stage. So of course nations with historically huge ego's and power hungry individuals at the controls will do anything to join the club....why is Iran's demand for nuclear power surprising to nations and individuals? Did the world really believe that this situtation would never eventually happen with any number of particularly hostile states?

Our previous diplomatic proceedures with Iran were worthless sound bites that only pushed Iran harder to be considered an equal...George's stupidly named axis of evil of course did nothing to help the situtation...and encouraged rabid fundamentalism as a defense? Does a nuclear Iran bother me? yes i think they will make deadly judgements in it's use---yes---do i understand why this is happening.....yes....and as with so many other problems we are now facing do i believe this to be the result of previous stupidity....ignorance...and Bubba diplomacy? YES............ Do i believe someone will attack their nuke sites........yes.

I wondered at the fall of the Soviet Union--who would become our national enemy. I knew our stupidity could not embrace the opportunity that was present for us to live in a world without an enemy...we did all we could to help create one...fundalmentalist Islam..... and now we pay the way or another. Being an isolationist my belief has always been...pull out, pull back, be capable of defending yourself, stay out of others problems, stop blindly supporting Isreal----solve your own problems and manage your own affairs first----lead by example and not by demand. This is Danger close time.
Continues unabated. My recent order due in the end of August is this British solider 2000 field jacket, in desert DPM camoflauge in XL.
I had to order this... British and French equipment is my favorite followed closely by South African...whenever i see anything produced by them available in my size i buy it. Now luckily this run of British Field Jackets supposedly runs Larger than the normal production range according the the write up and was available in sizing XL . I am making myself believe that the notorious French and British tiny-tinee Xl's may be OK for me this timeout. These are reported to be "like new" and with fall around the corner i am hoping to get serious use out of this item.
I am packing up my French surplus Military shoulder bag (see previous posts for photo) with all my work stuff this weekend and putting it into service Monday....It has been sitting outside for 3 weeks, purging the Monkey ass smell that came with the bag at no extra charge-----the stink is now very tiny--to the point where i don't care i just want to use the bag. I'll take photo's as i set it up.
Odd random net articles which peaked my interest..............

They will be big, we will be small............

Our lights probably will not work..........

We all want out...............

The worst is yet to come..............

Some thing new hit the world stage this past few days. International blackmail based on the possibility of the success of Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan and supported by the concept that a nation suddenly underwater has not only insurgent problems but also has nuclear weapons that can be lost to these same insurgents if they gain power. So you had better get my aid moving...... the implied, subtitled, undercurrent demand is to make sure you give my country enough aid money...... and if the aid money does not appear fast or deep enough be sure that the fundamentalist's gaining strength through disaster possibility gets great attention.
Believe me i wish no ill toward the Pakistanis---it is just that a nation 55 billion dollars in debt to the world bank and who basically lives from world bank loan to world bank loan (with American aid money to sweeten the pot) cannot help but crash when millions of acres of farmland is underwater and millions of persons displaced. The context of Climate wars includes such items as flooding in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh with the movement of populations and destruction of agriculture.
The item that was overlooked was blackmail.
The world has already become deaden, numb to the cries for more and more aid to more and more disasters to help nation-victims and will only become more immune to increased future requests and pleading as our climate tries to kill us and we kill our economy.
Blackmail is an interesting new development within the protocol. The Pakistanis have something most 3rd world national disaster victims do not have-------Nukes>>>>and the position of the United States is that money can buy you a country that resists Islamic fundamentalism....not so.
Pakistan is hitting all the proper buttons. I am somewhat depressed that i had not seen international blackmail as part of the process that would occur. Help me or else your worst nightmares will happen...we'll make sure of it. Pakistan is going to go fundamentalist---their people apparently wish it to be the Bush free elections in Gaza not too long ago---set up democracy and free elections---- and what happened? The people voted in the terrorist group Hamas as their government !!!! Old George never saw that one coming.

The rainy season in this part of the world is changing....India is already building a wall on their border with Bangladesh----getting ready for the hoard---------

"She says... the jungle came alive and took him..."

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