Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I have just completed reading "Climate Wars" by Gwynn Dyer. An excellent, thought provoking work on future possibilities of international reaction to the climate change. None of which are pretty. Drought, sea level rise population migrations, the fall of political systems due to the inability to solve insolvable problems. Resource wars, overwhelming population movements seeking food, water and social stability. Warlord states. Water wars.
I am a member of a survivalist forum which appears to be utilized mostly by mental cases on computer night at the institution. To these individuals Climate change is a conspiracy by science to affect change on national political and social direction. These individuals also believe that Jesus rode to his appointments on a dinosaur. These individuals and of course coal, power companies and industry itself approve of this retard position and encourage it. China refuses to talk about carbon control. As does the US.

Basically Climate Wars advises that unless we get our collective world's act together within the next two years or so and good luck on that one--we are tubed...as in desert fucked as in No rain fucked... as in Book of Eli tubed, Road Warrior tubed that type of fucked.
I for one believe that nothing will happen other than climate change. We small tribe based hunter gathers are not designed to make global commitments. We are wired to be independent and not work for the good of the whole over the number of people whose names we can remember. I would mention that at the writing of this Moscow is at 97Fahrenheit surrounding by wildfires and the Russians have decided to export no grain this year because of a national drought and poor harvest.....but of course this is all a UN plan to subjugate our nation...to the blue helmets. Everyone will die because our population is amazingly and purposefully ignorant.
I have a "thing" for RAT BIKES... one of these days i am going to make one---I'll find a $1,000 used bike and rat it...flat black spray paint, OD green spray paint some new aggressive tires, attached survival & Camping equipment...done.
What I appreciate most in the rat bike universe is that the bike is supposed to run well, be mechanically correct-bur is to have zero appearance effort. Rather the appearance effort goes deeply into appearing as if there has been no appearance effort?---Very obtuse but understandable in our human weirdness.

Nothing to see here, the most massive oil spill in American history is over---tune into American Idol and forget about this---no damage to the Gulf, in fact it was good for the birds and fishes to get lubed....This seems to be the shit that BP and the government is trying to pour into our brains this week---it's all good no problems here...and the funny thing is with the short attention span of your average Walmart American it's as good a plan as any.
This is the perfect example of why i cannot take the chance on building my own Predator drone.....

I have previously written of my determination to never purchase another single piece of business attire, and my development of a personal clothing line i call GEEZER TACTICAL. I had been frustrated by shirts. I would find beautiful un-issued military surplus shirts, order extra large's which would wind up not fitting because many countries are populated by little men. An XL in Britain is a Medium in the US---- So methinks, take your shirt search north in Europe to the land of square heads that have gullets as big as mine and it worked. Displayed below is a find i made, purchased and was delivered today---New, un-issued Dutch OD military shirts. 3 for $19.00 at the link below.

These are perfect Tactical Geezer wear for work and the Dutch understand what an XL really is. Fits like a charm.... Wash them up and i'll be wearing them next week with my new standard Dickies, black, EMT pants to work. The next stop will be the German and Swedish Armies they understand a real man's stomach size as well.

The new film I am focused on is "Priest". Set in a future where the remaining members of mankind are surviving in walled cities. Priests have evolved into warriors specializing in combat against hordes of vampires roaming the wastelands surrounding these human strongholds.

This is the second film by the star and director of "Legion". (which i loved and wrote on in previous blogs) Supposed cinema release is in late August 2010 and I am already on the waiting list for this at netflicks. http://www.filmofilia.com/tag/priest/

My latest new/old bag purchase.
French military unissued---$19.00 and in route....with my recent downsizing through my Nokia Tablet and a reduction in what i believed i absolutely had to carry with me...My world is now open to bags that were off limits to even think about before.
Leather straps, shoulder strap and supposedly leather lined interior could make this an excellent nerd bag. The problem is that you never really know with military surplus---could be the greatest thing ever and could be a p.o.s. ya pay your money and take your chances. This bag is at the Sportsmans Guide web site in the military surplus section.

"You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees, because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth."


David Scott said...

For over 30 years I have been asking the powers to be as to why are encouraging people to come to the Southwest (TX)when water can become a issue with one extended dry spell.
So far no one has answered me. Instead we have been steadlily depleating our aquifers to produsce food in areas of grasslands that previously could only support roving bands of indians and the migrating heards that they followed.
Then combined that with the steadlily commercializtion of our pulic water systems. The belef is that the private sector can do a better job of managing our water system. (See Bethel and Nestle corparate owership)
The thing is that I was born in the Southwest (west central Oklahoma) and all through my life I have heard tells of dust stroms and droughts where what cattle was left was fed mesquite after the neddles were burned off.
Of year afte year of crops not making for not enough rain.
Have you read Bruce Sterling's "Heavy Weather" if not you should.
Let your readers know what the bag is like when you get it.

Warren said...

Dave I totally agree---the next stage of culture will be asset wars, corporate wars for the elements of production and a war between the rich haves and poor have nots---all of which has been created by us. This did not have to be.
I'll do a write up on the bag as soon as i get it...and am really looking forward to it.
thanks for writing in

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Warren said...

My pleasure Ano...stop by any time