Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Our world becomes interesting as our temperatures rise..........Wildfires, drought and scorching temperatures in Russia lately. The end result of which is the Russian statement last week that it will not export wheat this year...requiring all it produces to feed it's population. Russian wheat exports are 25% of the world wheat market.....Pakistan is deluged in floods and the world seems numbed by having to give, give give to disaster areas. The Pakistani floods and lack of monetary assistance by the rest of the world is an example of the shape or things to come---we cannot help everyone with everything that is happening.
An interesting piece in the Newsweek from a European describing that the US is considered so 3rd world and out of the real game of life on the planet that we are no longer even the subject of protest--we have destroyed ourselves, our process, our reputation, to the point that we are no longer considered the world leader in anything---which means protesting against a lame giant is useless, just no fun.....................what i find really interesting is that it is in Newsweek. If that still means anything of any importance?
The NewYork Times follows with its own doom like piece....

As a nation, (if you can actually still call us that) we go down the highway towards the uncertain and threatening future much like dumb and dumber. As a group, we Americans are unable to really do anything any longer. We are unable to put down our personal agenda's, unable to produce leaders untainted by the problem they are "attempting" to solve. We are unable to see a Nationally universal project through to completion at it's proposed original cost or to deal with matters that require personal or regional sacrifice. So the alternative is individual action. To protect yourselves from what is coming. We seem to have even lost, or had bred out of us, the hunter gather ability to work in even small groups. I cannot see a small group working together today...i would stay away from anything involving multiple individuals. Work for and by yourself because it does work.
I understand that some have the desire through groups to work on personal and societal issues that may arise, and that my advice of remaining alone may go contrary to everything else one may have heard....Survival and adaptation to the long descent is not an issue that will work the way of the commune, the coop, or the church tribe working as a group. Cooperation should be limited to trading with those outside your individual unit. Human cooperation for United States citizens would have to be taught to us before releasing us into the wild, much like zoo kept and hand fed mountain lions must be taught to hunt. This is why merely banding together with those "like" you will be a disadvantage not a positive.
Alone you can produce enough to eat, alone you can maintain a specific standard of operation, alone you can plan and carry out the future requirements of stealth living.

The Jojo cruiser bike project:
is basically finished (photo below). I am awaiting only a new chain and yellow water bottle for 'walk away finished status'. Sorry for the horrifying Hoarder type background...i had no choice with that. To recap this was basically a frame wheels and parts that were given to me....i painted, cleaned, added a few accessories and reassembled in reverse order...

The Nokia N810 Keyboard Project:
Done! I was like a ferret in a phone booth trying and trying and trying and trying to get my Nokia Internet tablet to pair up with any of two different blue tooth keyboards I have....Finally after much swearing, and combination of trying this and trying that I accomplished the pairing of my N810 to my iGo portable keyboard.
I will try to get some pictures of the mini system in actually use at my coffee shop etc. I believed for a while that I might not be able to accomplish this paring of machines...but stupidity and perseverance won out!
Where's the French Military messenger bag you might ask? Outside airing out for another week now! It came in last week, beautiful condition never issued. Perfect for my new
Ultra Mobile Personal Computing (UMPC) accomplishments. There was one small problem tho..
IT STUNK FROM MILITARY STORAGE LIKE A MONKEY'S ASS! So it's been receiving plenty of fresh air and sunshine to attempt to make the monkey ass smell go away. Hard to be a Geezer Techno Tactical man when people hold their nose and run screaming "Monkey Ass!!! Monkey Ass!!!" So once the smell level drops down to Ode Du Old Guy levels i will transfer all my necessary items to it and provide photo's. The smell is not giving up easily---so the bag is banished to the out of doors for at least another week....

Being the ex-President does not stop George from being kinda weird and/or stupid. I'd really like to know what is going here while he was in Haiti recently? What it looks is.......... "That's a mighty fine backside on you there, young Man, hey you, come over here an look at the bootee on this here youngin!"

Can anything be stupider than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have not quarrelled with him?
Blaise Pascal

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David Scott said...

Well once again you have written something that I my self believe.
The US has been slowly but with out questions hitting the self destruction button. Again I say it begin with the first FTA we agreed to. With that we began outsourcing our jobs and industry and using war and paper to drive our economy. Sooner our later you have to pay the piper playing the tune.
Unfortunaltley we have been found lacking the neccessary coin to do so. Now the tune is being played for others and we are being told to do dance to it.
I have never been any good at dancing or marching to the beat of another drummer.