Friday, September 03, 2010

The further we slide on the down side of the peak everything bell curve, the more we are told how things are looking up? We are the subject of amazing spin attempts. In order to recover to the employment position we held prior to our economic melt down, the United States must create 300,000 jobs per month for 2-3 years. This in itself is an impossibility based on our current manufacturing/economic base. What we are told however,is that having only 49,000 additional unemployed this month is a plus--things are looking up.
No one will tell the truth of the matter which is: the United States will never recover from the Bush years which created this depression---never recover. In our weakened economic state we will lose the empire the Republicans gambled everything on...and we ourselves may be destroyed as a unified society. We have recently witnessed a gathering of sad, angry, fat white people in Washington who don't know what they really want----they are confused and "In confusion there is profit" says the old Chinese proverb. These dispirited, ignorant, confused people would follow a Hitler right now if there was one living in their trailer park. These are dangerous times---For these people are awaiting the one to arrive who will claim that he can fix their make it right for them. Then the trouble really begins.
I have been reading "The Coming Famine" by Julian Criss. Excellent, I highly recommend it to any thinking persons considering the future. Mr. Criss sets out our Peak problems in agriculture, water, land and population in an easily understood but scientific manner. If you are an individual planning on surviving the upcoming years this is a must read....
I cannot say the same for "Off The Grid" by Nick Rosen which i am just finishing up. This book although a folksy summary of individuals met by the author in the United States living off the Grid, provides no information other than a cute tale of unique individuals. The best thing about "Off The Grid" to me was that i learned that there were still Anarchist communes in the United States---good for them whodathought! I believed the Republicans and the religious right drove Anarchists out of the county or something it's been so long since I've seen the word used. No hard information here just a series of soft magazine type features---I cannot recommend.

Work bites. I could phone in what i do...but in today's world i am lucky to have continuous work. What can i do to make the 10 hours a day (includes commuting) that i am in slavery appealing somehow for the remainder of my sentence? Last week i decided i would begin doing Tai-Chi at work.
This may be a perfect solution...i have the down time at work to pursue can be done within the confines of my office, i can start and stop anywhere if disturbed. I have a book and a CD and part of the project is working out the technical physical requirements on my own....Millions of old Chinese Dudes do Tai Chi. So next week i become an old Chinese Dude...

The past few years of moving into our urban homestead,the remodeling and the building up of our gardens left no time for really examining our backyard pecan tree. This healthy, large-mature tree in our backyard is has been producing excellent pecans which have been enjoyed only by the squirrels so far. This year i have had the time, motivation and opportunity to gather up our ripe pecan nuts with the intent of processing them for food.
I've started policing up mature dark brown nuts that have fallen into the yard and drying them in a standard cardboard box for later shelling. I am thinking that for food storage, usage in our own winter baking, snacking, and with the protein and oil provided by the nuts what a great, free, food source.
Peeling the dark,dark brown outer husk off displays the well known, light brown, perfect pecan shells----There is something so wonderful about this. "So this is where these come from" was my first thought.....Such a gift from a tree that was planted so long ago by persons unknown... My new fall/winter project this year---nut harvesting, shelling, storing, trading and consuming. The Urban homestead progresses.

Commuting home today i decided to count the number of payday loan companies on my route through approximately 1/2 of my 50,000 person town's main street. There were ten (10) and as I mentioned this was only tabulated through1/2 of the downtown business main street. Maybe two miles...Amazing.

We have no real conscious in our society any longer---as the greedy feed their bellies with the high interest loans off the inadequate paychecks of our own workers. This business....these bandit payday loan companies is one of the reasons we will fall as a society. How can this be good? How these entities even be considered business's. This was the territory of the wise guys when i was a kid. Now it belongs to Wells Fargo Bank, and Bank of America who own these things.

Business, that's easily defined - it's other people's money.
Peter Drucker

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