Saturday, September 25, 2010

This weekend my wife and I held a camping-RV-do we want to travel in retirement summit...These are like a domestic G-20 summit meeting to decide issues that are important to the homestead and our little personal corporation. I enjoy these summit meetings, they clarify desires, organize goals and determine our direction on important issues.
(we accomplish something which is the unlike part compared to the real G-20 summit).
We decided that for the future we really do not want to travel when we are retired---we've both traveled in our previous the determination was made that i will single camp and (learn to) fish when desired in my retirement. No harm no foul.
I am really already set for individual camping in my walk out bag that i keep in the vehicle...a little tuning, and new equipment will allow me, inexpensively, to camp where and when I want to. Plus there are a couple of my geezer friends at work that i could possibly go with if i desire----there is no longer any confusion in this matter...excellent.

I have spoken of my Falcon 2 backpack upgrade project i am working on. One stage is the addition of the administrative panel to the front of the pack. The second stage upgrade i have in route is the KaBar (big belly) Survival knife system which I will be Molle attaching to the side of the Falcon. This KaBar knife is a system including: a smaller KaBar skeleton knife sheathed within the system, a large front pocket that will fit one of my small, tinned,survival kits, and the main knife itself is a KuKuri shaped blade 12" long. The system comes with 12' of emergency para-cord, and a Molle capable web and plastic sheath. Attached to the side of my Falcon 2 pack this is my own version of the Book of Eli letter opener.
(Once I get the entire upgrade done on the pack i will provide photo's.)

I prefer alone most of the time.....

If I am not really alone i still feel alone, as I have no tribe.

This is OK with me I am used to it....

The Tea party people and the Republicans are just such unhappy people--broken personalities----drowning in strange belief conundrums. They are either the perfect or the worst of us to oversee our nations destruction--to rule over the end of our empire since our empire was the only institution that would have allowed these zombies to be created. Other national philosophies would have drowned this movement of the fat and stupid at birth.
The Gulag always need help you know?
I of course will go in the voting booth in November and vote straight democratic----yes they are a confusing party that wants universal health care---the rich to be taxed----electric cars----and they speak in big words. Yes this I know. But I have not yet lost enough hope to sit by and without doing something to prevent Bible thumping, gay hating, anti-immigrant, abstinence only, anti-woman, pro-stupid--Jesus shouting---water boarding Republicans to preside over our national fall. I don't want us to be remembered this way, their way. It's disgusting to anyone who thinks. Go out, vote, it's important, and vote democratic. Otherwise the entire country will turn into the Texas State School Board and there will be giant statues of Jesus riding Dinosaurs, dug up by future anthropologists who be scratching their heads in amazement.

"I realize you are currently in the mercy if your primitive biological urges. But, as you have an entire lifetime of poor decisions ahead of you, may I interrupt this one?"
Dr.Sheldon Cooper--big bang theory

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