Friday, October 01, 2010

We are in a state of class warfare....the majority of Americans have not woken up to that fact yet, but we are. The Rich and their lapdogs, the political class, have killed the American middle class...and now seek to remove any of the promises of support that a government is normally required to provide.
The goal of the rich and political classes is to create a total servant class, poor, uneducated, fearful, medievally trembling before a god chosen by them, with women as servants and baby producers only.....a society with no freedom of thought or action. They have already completed creating a military comprised of nothing but underclass, religiously maniacal followers of the conservative right and demand blind support of whatever purposed their army is put to. Failure to comply makes you an enemy of their "culture".

Having an intelligent, successful middle class allowed for independent thought and rejection of the blind allegiance required by the rich and political classes. There has never again been the type of societal protest that existed in the 60's and 70's and to me it is no surprise that the destruction of the middle class and therefore the parallel destruction of social protest began in earnest with Regan's election. They say the depression is over, why? Because their stock market is again making them money. You and I are nothing to them...therefore the advantage lies in a recovery for the Rich and the Political classes with no recovery for the middle and poor classes in the United States. It is a major leap forward in the control of the masses and this is what has occurred. I believe that the middle and poor classes have already lost this war. That the world that was once America is now closed off to us, enjoyed only by the Rich and Political classes in their gated communities protected by private security. Our best bet is to understand and accept this loss and become independent, exist outside of the system created by the overlords. If you have your debts cleared---the threat of being laid off means little...if you produce you own food the threat of poverty means nothing....if you are armed there is fear of no one. The Rich and Political classes want you in debt, they want you dependent on their offer of work for food, they want you stupid, weak, unarmed, unprepared for whatever they may wish to inflict on you. Clear your debt, plant gardens and raise chickens, and STOP WATCHING TELEVISION.

Projects update on items previously mentioned in the blog:

I received my back ordered British DPM Desert wind Smock and it is excellent, excellent. Worn over a sweater or light fleece jacket this is going to be a life saver here in New Mexico. I cannot tell you how the 3 month wait for my size was worth it.

My KaBar survival knife came in and it is everything i thought it would be. It is very large and i carried it for a week attached to my day pack---it is very interesting that I work at a very "no weapons" type of place but just walked in and no one noticed---sleepwalking they are. However i have removed it to attach another of my updated projects my administrative panel for my Falcon 2 backpack which arrived....and i am apparently batting a thousand since this product is also marvelous and extends the capability of my daily use backpack.
I m going to attempt photography on these items when i get the opportunity...but often personal photography fails to capture the true usefulness of these items. Basically i am very,very happy with recent projects and purchases....
A film, The Battle of Los currently in production. Details are sketchy but basically the film is built around the concept of an Alien invasion of L.A. and focuses on a marine rifle squad in the city fighting for who will own L.A. People who have seen studio rushes are reporting on the net that they are impressed with the reality the film portrays... Again I find a film i want to see and i must wait for the DVD. That is my current status with the movies Priest, Predators, and now the Battle of Los Angeles. I am in a holding pattern for the movies that i desire to see. I will advise as i discover more information, but this film is already on my Netflixs lists

I was standing smoking watching ants the other day...and I realized that i know practically nothing about a creature that surrounds me. I have no idea how they think or what is important to them. I decided to learn more and ordered Adventures among Ants by Mark W. Moffett.
A five star review on Amazon pushed me towards this book as compared to numerous other books on ants and their process. I'll advise on this when completed.
I loved American Taliban (how war,sex,sin and power bind Jihadists and the radical right) by Markos Moulitsas.... a brilliant piece of work. You absolutely must be a free thinker or card carrying Democrat to read this book wherein the stupidity, and strangely dangerous parallels between insane Muslims and insane bible thumpers are displayed. Just the scary quotes from Right wing religious leaders is enough to make you shake your head in wonderment. Moulitsas makes his point without question that Jihadists and Right wing American fanatics are both, female controlling, religiously dominated, war loving, insane bastards who both deserve and need each other. Their is also incredible humor within the writing style itself....If you are a liberal, or a thoughtful person buy this book and read it....conservatives need not apply.

Born again?! No, I'm not. Excuse me for getting it right the first time.
Dennis Miller


David Scott said...

Warren once more you nailed our current condition.
As I was reading your blog I was listening to NPR Morning Edition Surnday and they were commentiong on the very fact that middle class has either stagnated or dropped in income in all but one state go figure North Dakota.
Since Ronald Regan to GW Bush the goal was to reverse us back to pre-union days when the economy was what the power elite told us it was.
Great writing and commentary. Keep it up.

David Scott said...

I see we are of a like mind on how the world really is.
To me a threat to this soceity is a informed and enlighten citzen. This is where your blog along with others are invaluable. The problem is the ablity of most people to pay attention to anything but the 30 second sound bit. On top of that people persepction of if they see it on TV or in the newpaper or hear it on the radio then it must be so without thinking of who owns the media.
Keep up the good work.
As a side note I appreciate your heads up on upcoming movies and books.