Friday, October 08, 2010

This week I finished reading "Adventures among the Ants" by Mark Moffet. A great book but you really have to want to understand the nature of ants to enjoy. I recommend' but it is definitely not for everyone. I then ordered "Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future" by Robert Reich for the upcoming weeks read...books i cannot live without them.
My Fly fishing beginners kit arrived this week and i purchased a fishing license....My intent is to learn how to fish (something I have never done) as both a source of alternative food supply and possibly for future relaxation.....overall it was a subdued week---
The American stock market means nothing.
"The depression is over--the stock market is bouncing back." Has been the mantra all week from both the financial and regular news services...heartening to the Rich I'm sure.
The new truth, is that the American stock market means nothing any longer to the economics of the American underclass. The stock market rises--with no job or wealth creation for you and me.
The stock market is something that matters only to the Oppressors of the people now, a private world of trading paper where they take turns making each other wealthier by seeing who can fire the largest amount of underclass workers to insure a profit to their fellow rich.
Our system of economics morphed into the destruction of the middle class and the creation of a two class only system in America-------the Rich and the Underclass. The rich destroyed the American Middle class cutting it into pieces which were sold as scrap for a quick profit much as they destroyed American manufacturing capability in the 80's and 90's.
We pulled everything we had in the market out a couple of years ago. The stock market became a place where our money was necessary only for others to make money off it---not for any type of honest share for us. The banks and savings accounts are the same, no interest on savings that amount to anything----no honest share for us, but the bankers enrich themselves playing with my deposited money, with my life. Literally.
The reality of how the world will be lived in a fallen America becomes sharper and clearer every day. My wife and I now invest in ourselves, in solar panels for independent power, in stored food against future shortages and for building a greenhouse for winter crops. This is what the underclass needs to invest in------Invest in independence from the coming storm of collapse. Do not allow the Rich to play with whatever funds you may have left. Save-----then invest debt free in physical items to address our new underclass realities---Food, Power, housing. Invest in these items and fuck the Rich!

The conservatives, the tea naggers, and the Republicans are all screaming at me...from web news and commentary sources------I am glad that the liberals seem above this... to some commentators, this liberal lack of screaming at the voting populace, to them means lack of action, interest or possible defeat. This I do not believe to be true. Like the verbally abused housewife after a while no response is the best response.
In my experience only wack jobs need to scream out their beliefs and theories. Only idiots try to talk over another human being when it is their chance to reply. Steven Hawkins does not scream for us to believe him on the creation of the universe? The Dali Lama does not scream at people from the pulpit (like right wing preachers) on politics?
Jimmy Carter would lecture us--and righteously so as it turns out----he never did or would he ever do the political screaming that is being delivered from the right. These are the times I count myself so lucky for having killed my Television and cable so long ago. I imagine that those of you who are still watching Television are facing a terrible time of election screaming madness. I have a hard time believing that anyone no, matter how incredibly stupid, would be convinced by only the loudest voice in the room....but then again this is the American public.....
"Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it".
W. Somerset Maugham

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David Scott said...

Excellent blog and absolutly right. the only real wealth is in what you can see, hold, touch, and carry with you. Otherwise is not real.
Every month I sat on pins and needles waiting to see if I get another SSI check or another reteriment check from the TMRS Then my wife and I spend time trying to figure how to make it go as far as we can to acheive goals we have set for ourself in preprations.
The reason for all the noise is to keep you from being able to think for yourself and keep the real issues hidden.
Robert Reich's book already been sent for before I even read your blog. Can't wait till ti gets in.
Good luck on flyfishing.