Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am hiding today---Howard Hughes style hiding, without the Mormon staffers to help, and without the fingernail and urine thing going on---it happens... you know---i worked over the holiday weekend and now I'm tried or run down and i just want to wall myself away and have alittle time to myself to veg out and produce nothing, fix nothing, organize nothing....there is a distinct part of my personality that understands exactly why Hughes would retreat...scary? I'm rather amazed that i am actually writing today....

Einstein's house on mercer street in Princeton NJ---there is apparently zero connection between the ownership of suburban McMansions and intelligence?

One does not have to be a scientist to figure this out but none the less it is interesting...a 2700 year old Chinese man was dug up by archaeologists and we was discovered to be holding...798 gram of weed were buried with him---it is supposedly the oldest physical proof of man's usage of weed....

just say no eh?...that's alot of no's over .....2700 years....

One of my enjoyment peccadillo's is to simply follow links on Wikipedia with no purpose other than discovery of information new to the... Demon Core named because this cut in half round ball of plutonium killed TWO physicists. Louis Slotin and Harry Daghlian in TWO completely separate incidents involving this single plutonium core. The Demon core was finally destroyed in use during a nuclear test....this was back when physicists were cheap and plutonium was tough to come by....i can't believe they actually named the thing but the name does fit...

A link to a blog on living small in small spaces. I just started reading this blog on a routine basis but it is nice to find people of the same mindset putting thoughts into action.Lots of tips and photo's of small space organization and it is written by a regular human personal instead of designers.

I am thinking right now about doing/purchasing/learning/or making happen:

Building a white picket fence around the front yard.

A remote laptop controlled robot web cam to drive around the house while i am gone

Restoring a VW camper van

Going back
to school to study
architecture when i retire.

Now please bear in mind that i think about doing thousands of madly varible items on pretty much a second by second daily basis and obviously much of what i consider doing never happens...but these four items have been sorted out of the competing thought signals for possible action one who really knows----but i have to admit that i often surprise myself with what i wind up doing/accomplishing.

take some time out to think---your brain deserves it...

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