Sunday, November 09, 2008

A small-- but most excellent article on a guy in Great Britain (of course where else) who ran a business as a 24 hr. on call Philosopher in a van...wondrous! I wish i would have thought of this--it's sort of like ghostbusters! "Having a meaning of life crisis---call now!"

Although it was a horrible election in terms of the results on Gay marriage it was a great election for the advancement of sanity on Marijuana. There was a large number of local/state ballot initatives across the country which won ordering the reduction of marijuana to the lowest priority for area law enforcement--decriminalizing possession in some states/areas and better defining medical marijuana usage and sales---I find this to be a indicator that maybe someday--someday we may come to our senses on this issue as a culture--we've got to. For more details hit the link---

I am actually made progress on the urban homestead project---at the price of no segway riding for a couple of weeks....we did however manage to complete our square foot garden box for next year's planting....i really like the height above ground requiring zero bending over for planting and weeding---got to shovel the dirt up and in---- but one afternoon of grunting and groaning beats a whole season of making old man noises on a daily basis-----I've got some serious research to do out of the square foot garden books to plan what to plant first and when...we also completed our rain barrel/guttering project as well. I've got the capability of storing about 80-100 gallons of rainwater now through two separate systems for use on the garden and so forth---things are coming along somewhat---although detailing the yard-garden and back/front yard will have to wait now for the spring. Next is the placement of four solar panels on the shed roof powering a bank of plug ins for recharging my battery powered devices such as my lawn mover and my segway.We really are getting somewhere when i sit back and think about it, free of my rainman like constraints.I have even gotten around to producing alittle useful art--such as this dragonfly switch plate cover---I'm trying to find methods of making my personal art work around the house within my projects--i ran out of black switch plate covers for the kitchen detailing---took a standard switch plate and made this cover for i said I'm just trying.......

Here's another thing i am simply trying......I am just now realizing that the election is over---change & peace actually won---Bush is out---Cheney is done for---fear mongering is over---except on conservative talk radio---
I am trying to be an adult---about the conservative loss and the liberal is difficult since i am surrounded at work by very severe conservatives whose desperation has not allowed me to feel the way i feel--elated--hopeful---looking to the future for a change---my co-workers---all religious republicans are spouting various fears of---you guessed it---socialism-- and taxes----yet these are the very same people that demand so much from their government whenever they feel it is appropriate---when it is just stuff for them---i seriously need to relax now and do all the man says---let our better angels work in all of us....but one last statement on this election to Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, the religious right, to all those preferring stupidity over intelligence----war over peace---and dirty politics over a clean race on the issues before i close this page:
----BITE ME......

That about does this episode---i once again have hope---and i am back on the personal improvement project road--attempting to evolve and not just grow older but grow in everyway....
thank someone sincerely for something they have done--watch your neighbor's house while they are gone---pet a neighborhood dog that barks at you---clean the house--yes you dude---plant bulbs for the spring and simply enjoy.

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