Friday, November 21, 2008

It is strange but true that I've suddenly managed to accomplish little things that i have been unable to accomplish for a long time...I policed up the yard and garden area for the winter sleep, organized many of the small things in my life, set up the NEC micro-computer i obtained off ebay. i worked up several documents i the NEC for record keeping on my new square foot garden... my intent is to record any success's and failures on my attempt to produce food from my first garden this spring. I even built a diagram document displaying the layout of the garden and what i will plant where within the box....this type of singular, isolated activity is an excellent usage of these low cost, easily obtained, outmoded computers that i enjoy so much. This window of opportunity of being able to produce on projects caused me to start my first real canvas art project. My desire has been to do more art---be it good or bad but produce it---mind you it's just my attempt to use manga markers on a large canvas to produce the things that are within my brain...but still...i also have been having some work done to the nerd cave and I've been wanting to decorate I've been hunting for small meaningful (to me) objects. Such as my new Einstein action figure....and my Gandhi action figure to provide inspiration when working....and fulfill my little inner geek.
I talked to myself over my vacation--i needed to, i was getting lost in working---forgetting about how wondrous life really is----starting back to work this week i demanded that i work out a new mental system and it really did work...i started to appreciate the world and people around me again and i prevented myself from falling into a spiritual and mental rut again...I'm actually somewhat proud of myself...
my all time favorite dvd listing includes....Michael Mann's film...MANHUNTER...I watched it again tonight---William Peterson is does an amazing performance as Will Grahm, he's haunting...the soundtrack is beautiful. Michael Mann's movies always have astounding soundtracks...and unbelievable visuals...his films are ageless manhunter was released in 1986 and shows little signs of age..Manhunter is a work of art, and like all under appreciated films it bombed at the box office when first released.."Just you and me now sport"

Where there's real money involved they'll let you smoke....Atlantic City NJ casino's apparently in cahoots with the local government are going to lift smoking bans when it comes to them...what shit...lift smoking bans everywhere then you cretins...i don't want to gamble and smoke but i can't remember what it was like to sit down---inside somewhere---like a human being and drink a cup of coffee and have a cigarette......argh!

I've read tantalizing snippets on this movie on differing SF fanboy sites for a while now but apparently it has just recently been released in Spain....OUTLANDER....the premise is basically that an alien spacecraft with a very mean occupant(s) crashes into Norway during Viking times...with lots of sword fighting, armor and death from alien
visitor(s)..uhm let's see swords, vikings, aliens, what's not to like about this....can't wait for the DVD release in the US.
Take some time-----lay down on the floor with your dog, they like that--think about what you would do if there was suddenly no gasoline---before you throw away the next broken,small appliance take it apart to see how it's built and how it works in a general sense---save electric motors outa stuff that doesn't work anymore----they are cool for DIY projects..I'm sure you've got an old portable cassette player around---buy used books on TAPE they're cheap--make your own self hypnosis tapes for self improvement----

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