Sunday, November 23, 2008

The finest result surrounding our move to small footprint living has been the feeling of security during the recent economic weirdness that has occurred. The labor, the difficulty, the expense and the questioning remarks from friends has definately been worth it. I watch what is happening to the economy on the news as if it is another planet----concerned, but not afraid.
We have our little house which no one can take away. We have no debt. We have super energy efficient cars and a segway so higher gasoline prices or less available gasoline presents little problem. We have high production personal gardens built for the spring, rain barrel water storage and hopefully next week 4 solar panels installed on the roof. None of this is survivalist bizzaro world based----it is not an attempt to get away from the world---and it is not enough to actually do so. It is a plan to live responsibly in our retirement in the new world---my plan to become like Froley in the movie Children of Men is close to completion. This/next week we begin stage 4---rebuilding the alley garage into an art/music studio---installation of our solar panels---and the interior refinement of our storage building. My wife and I have much to be thankful for this year. But----it was the result of right thinking and work not miracles...

Damn!---Betty James co-inventor and co-developer of the SLINKY died the other day---at 90 tho----Her husband actually thought the slinky up but in the early 70's decided to chuck everything an live in a religious commune in South America...who woulda thought it eh?----The skinky is a true American technological example of thinking outside the box--a toy requiring no batteries, run only on imagination...and lasts forever-----thanks Betty.
This is really strange--i mean really, really strange---a Times article by an English Catholic Bishop advising that the problems within the Catholic church are caused by "educated Catholics". Damn education---it can really screw up a good thing can't it?
you really need to read this for a laugh---i was born into the catholic church and i gotta admit Montie Python was right--they like us stupid and procreating you know?
In honor of the thanksgiving holiday here's a link to the 18 minute version of Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie---remember the dump's closed on Thanksgiving! (For those non-old-hippy types the entire song is based on a true story including Officer Opie)
And a gift--Arlo with the Boston Pops doing
---- This land is your land------from You Tube---the feeling you get from watching and listening to Arlo do this song is what those of us who supported and worked for Mr. Obama wanted to feel again. We made it happen this land is no longer owned by guys like Dick Cheny, this land is again our land.

Eat alot and take naps this thanksgiving--rest up---think about adopting a dog alot of people are dumping their pets because of the economy--adopt one if you can--the poor dog doesn't know what's going on and it's not their Wikipedia with no purpose, you can learn so much that way by just clicking links--just cause gas is temporarily cheap don't waste it, stay in the habit of conserving gas yoo're gonna to need it----be nice on the phone..

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