Friday, December 05, 2008

Batman or Superman? people are either or as to their pick of these two characters. I of course am a Batman person. Mucho Angst, alot of gloomy staring down from ledges on the population from high places..all this brings me to the fact that next week i get my dark knight DVD in...remember my no going to the movies rule---i always have to wait for DVD release which often is the best circumstance. I am looking forward to viewing this..i really appreciate the new, Christian Bale, Batman---very,very good, high powered angst, you know?..I pre-release-ordered Babylon AD the Vin Diesel SF movie which is supposedly due out Jan 9th on DVD---many,many critics have panned this movie---but remember critics panned Blade Runner as well which they now fall all over themselves describing as a classic film...i never pay attention to critics..they have zero basis for judging an SF film...but then again I'm the guy who likes Tank Girl---so what do i know? At any rate the director of Babylon AD says that the studio demanded cuts was what killed this film---I'm hoping the DVD comes with an unedited cut. Studio's opinions on the taste of the public suck. It's been mathematically proven that flipping a coin for movie decision making ranks at the same success level as the decision making power of a movie studio executive---amazing eh?
Tokyo--you just gotta love it. Check this out.

I am beside myself. My first set of 4 Cheap Chinese solar panels are up. Mounted to the roof of the driveway shed. (carriage house, if you'd prefer a more romantic term)
This system is more of a symbolic start rather than a big power generator. It was all i could afford, but then again i am self generating power and using it---all 60 watts of it. I still have to wire in the regulator and the inverter as this weekend's tasking-- in the future as cash money avails itself i will add two more sets of these 4 panel, Chinese 60 watt systems wired in line producing close to 200 watts total. At that point i will tie into the power box for whole house power support utilization...alittle bit at a time tho, with cheap Chinese imports is the only way an average human like myself can tackle the self generation of power today. I did however find the photo's blow on flickr of apartment buildings in China where it appears as if every tenant has one of these types of panels working for them on their roof, balcony or where ever the opportunity presents itself... I'm not alone in this pursuit via the highway of cheapness, paying as you exit.

I do hope that President O manages to create the industrial base he speaks of to produce Solar panels here in the US. Having locally made, affordable solar panels and expertise available on how to install and operate these systems would be such an advantage... It is going to be tough project for him i think...a link here to an article on Mother Jone's website on the trials and tribulations of attempting to purchase American made goods by the Average American...something we all know but interesting nonetheless: At any rate i am finally generating clean electrical power and in motion on this process although there is still work to do with the 100 inverter---but i am very,very happy.

The FBI has issued an advisory that the ongoing theft of copper from public utilities, stuctures and local government operational elements threatens the infrastructure of the United States as a whole. To me this is an indicator that we as a culture have begun feeding on our own tail...or if you prefer that our society has turned into a chilean soccer team on a mountain. There is a fundamental problem with a cultural system where individuals cannot survive without stripping metal from public's blade runner time.

Love and play with your dog, you can learn to be in the now from dogs---send some money to the aspca...clean out your car, it will make going to work easier. Purposefully dress artistically, one day a week at work, and watch people come to grips with breaksfast for dinner every once in day a week tyr hard to exist being non-judgemental of any and all's tough, you'll find that we are trained from childhood to be judgemental of everyone, everything and every incident around us!

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