Saturday, December 13, 2008

I have been working all the past week to living in the now. I had become disconnected, an automaton. I had been living as if i was one of those auto plant assembly robots and not, well not at all involved. This circumstance had crept up upon me simply through the daily requirements of work--home--work--home--weekend--work--home--work--home--weekend. There is a war for connection within all this that goes unnoticed.
Regular, normal things are sometimes difficult for me. I resent the having's to in day to day life as an impediment. A waste of what i think is time better spent---that if i do actually control or gain, i then usually waste.
I had become trapped in a personal event horizon.
"In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime, an area surrounding a black hole, inside which events cannot affect an outside observer. Light emitted from inside the horizon can never reach the observer, and anything that passes through the horizon from the observer's side disappears."
I purposefully set out to change myself and my way of thinking and operating...and creating change from within as we all know is exceedingly difficult. I've had some success with the start of my personal program---success at the start of a project such as this however in some ways means nothing. Remaining in a state of connection will require ongoing, never ending work---so that's what I've been doing....more later....

My months delayed, till DVD release-- 20 second film review section: I recently viewed Dark Knight and Hancock just released on DVD.
Dark Knight:
Outstanding visuals--tremendous Batman tech---Heath deserves all the acclaim he's gotten as an actor in this---but the plot?? I know there are several underlying stories there but--i can't find them as of yet..I'll keep trying.
a great plot that could not have been done without Will Smith--it's him, just being him that allows this movie to be excellent. Without him it would have been a failure--with him--outstanding. Loved it...

Information that has interested me this week---

Chinese cities are attempting to regulate their citizens tendency to simply wander about doing errands in their pyjama's. Apparently doing one's shopping, hanging out all day in the neighborhood, walking your kid to school why not stay in the PJ's....i have several very politically conservative co-workers whose main rap is that the Chinese are going to take over the world---seems like if they do it they'll be in their footie-pj's. absolutely hate to have to keep writing on this subject but it apparently will not stop until all the Bush appointee's are in jail or pushing shopping carts on the streets of LA--The latest "discovered" demon in the Bush rape of the treasury through the Iraq war comes to you from Armed Forces Information Service chief Alison Barber. Appointed to head a project(called fittingly America supports you--ha) which was supposed to provide money and support programs to armed service families while their significant other who were posted to the needless war zone. Ms Barber instead, provided zero support, zero money to service families and re-directed 8.8 million dollars to public relation firms run by her friends. Of course she's resigned with no jail time---as soon as Obama is in power we need to run these people down and put them in a PMITA prison. Incredible and unbelievable simply does not fit the robbery committed by Bush's minor imps and it and weep for yourself... At least their may be light on the horizon...79% of the American public approves of the way, the method the operation of the Obama transition..while 76% of the population wants Bush out of there RIGHT NOW!--maybe the country is not as stupid as i may have thought it was... However---if you're Amish and not a member of the Bush circle--you get fined and possibly do jail time for building your own house without permits. That the Amish are not allowed to comply to signing building permits by their religion.Amazing we are aren't we...Alison Barber goes free while the Amish go to jail??

Do a mental review of how you are interacting with the world around you---appreciate the genius of architecture---watch the sundance channel it will make you feel better.... Put plants out and around in your living space...draw birthday cards for your friends--go out and eat some Italian--- food you two thin anyway----and stay away from doctors, they make you sick.

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