Friday, December 19, 2008

I am somewhat upset---there should be a seniority system regarding Bush hating. These johnny come lately's. You know the one's...The People who used to cheer Bush for invading Iraq, the "let's kick some ass" assholes---the flag wavers, the ones who put 5 different kinds of stupid ribbons on their gas guzzling SUV's---the one's who considered us on the political left traitors for opposing the war--the same ones who believed the mission accomplished spin bullshit---the stupid bastards who then went onto support McCain/Palin------ the zombie army of the right---now they hate their own hero--now they are against the war. Many of us spoke out about what bush and Cheney were doing during these past eight years. Attempting to bring societal intelligence to bear on both the war and Bush/Cheney's rape of the US treasury---Their theft camouflaged by the war on terror---The Princeton club attitude of allowing their buddies to steal from the public through their wall street and banking power positions now exposed---For eight years through the destruction of the American economy and the downfall of the American position in world society---They, the zombie army ignored it all...Now we pay the price---for everything Bush, Cheney and their zombie army did---now the zombie army is both the war and especially at the bailout, where were they? It should be illegal for the zombie army to hate him---he was your leader, remember?..

Is this cool or what--the ultimate high tech suitcase! Perfectly designed for the Mad Max, road warrior traveler who must overcome the air carrier wasteland. It even has a built in seat for resting during the wait on the idiot security screening lines. I love this. I wish i could afford/justify buying one of these...Technology assistance for our real lives. Recently added to the i want listing is the paracord survival bracelet this to me is the ultimate geek fashion accessory----i want--i want---i want.

WELL--WELL--WELL--Sarah Palin that great representative of the right wing conservative, religious element of the American populace...Levi Johnston, the 18 year old father of Sarah Palin's out of wedlock, grand baby---well the boy's Mama, Sheri L. Johnston, Palin's Mother in Law---(although in hillbilly terms i don't know what the biological term actually is) was picked up and charged with dealing dope. Sounds like she was cooking meth from the way the article reads--- When i read this all i could think of was the stupidity laden populace at her rallies...I really am enjoying this....I mean i really am, she's unbelievable a perfect storm of an example of what brought America to the state that it is in. "I taught my daughter all about abstinence, and all i got was this lousy grand baby". members of the conservative Zombie Army in the news lately include these Jesus freaks now with 18 cult like children----I'll say this one more time----IT'S A VAGINA----NOT A CLOWN CAR! and to sum up---two members of a death metal wannta-be band in Italy stabbed their guitar player for his lousy playing---how could they tell? but still it makes for wtf(?) reading....

This youtube clip is simply inspiring. A producer recorded street musicians,buskers, from multiple countries playing/singing "Stand by me". He then Collated the tracks into a single production track with performance video, it is simply a beautiful piece of work---and displays the true beauty of street music.

Let me get this out of the way---i loved the new X-FILES movie---I WANT TO BELIEVE---let me explain however---i expect no one other than a die hard X-FILES fan to appreciate this one....i want to believe was built without CGI---and without aliens---it was a 2 hour long episode from the show---Scully and Mulder? Well not much was explained---what were they doing---what happen to their son William---even a fan has to admit that confusion---still tho---a psychic ex-priest with bleeding eyes---body parts in the ice---and the FBI--what else is necessary for a good time?
I'm afraid i need to view the film again--for a report on what kind of watch mulder was wearing this time around---my apologies---I'll find out and mention it later...continuing on with the un-appreciated top five films of all time--this weeks mention goes to----Grosse Point Blank---a hitman having an identity crisis goes to his 10 year high school oldie but it stands up well to the passing personal favorite lines in the movie are the ongoing conversations where John Cusack tells everyone who asks the truth that his career is killing people and the questioners come back with "oh--that's nice" or "do you get health care with that?" Absolutely perfect-you may have noticed that allot of my top five films have john Cusack in them...he seems to choose smart movies--with snappy dialogue, which are my favorite style films---plus he can rap with the best of them.
Paint something---paint a room a refreshing color--or redo the trim on your house---sharpen all your kitchen knives and your scissors one afternoon when you have nothing to do. Teach yourself one new thing a year you think you cannot year i taught myself how to juggle. feed stray cats they have nobody....

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