Sunday, June 17, 2007

a strangely disconnected time frame continues, random progress interrupted by chaos, a feeling of incompleteness about sums up the past few weeks. The character, Ian Malcolm's line from Jurasic Park, the lost world-- fits best " oh yeah--first there's oohing and aahing, then there's running and
surrounded by Zombies--i am---
The Phillip Stein "tesla" wristwatch. Supposedly this watch provides a unique effect upon the owner/operator according to neiman marcus the seller:
"Every Philip Stein timepiece has integrated active TESLAR technology designed to reinforce the human body's electromagnetic field with a natural earth signal associated with calm, meditation, relaxation, and enhanced performance.• Experience the TESLAR effect and let yourself feel more relaxed, more rested, and less tense." I could not allow this watch bearing the namesake of one of my hero's to pass without a mention--Tesla and watches--it's amazing when the world co-joins items that are of interest. I admit without hesitation that I could have used the calming effect recently---i would have killed for a tesla calming effect---(that about sums up that i needed it eh?) go here and check this out, they have excellent photo's with zoom and rotation which i cannot reproduce here and the second link is to the complete collection of these Tesla watches that calm through magnetic wave collection.

The ultimate techno-geek computer accessory combining your toyota prius hybrid and laptop computing (again a recent combination of interests for me in this world)is the prius mileage simulator for palm handhelds and microsoft windows. This program is available through a pay download at the program pretty much allows you to see into the future for prius mileage if you have specific climate information available-i am considering paying my fee and downloading this program just for grins and using standard available information on wind direction, wind speed, temperature offered on the net from the airport in town. So far the co-joining of my otaku brain sides, includes---Tesla magnetic field theory produced in a cool watch, and then the discovery of a laptop, climatic mileage projection program for the prius?? One more example of synchro-destiny in my interests will cause a black hole to be created in my brain. "first there's oohing and aahing"
this weeks mileage average 49.1 m.p.g.

Here's something that applies to this catagory in an indirect manner --a floating educational display of current gradening/solar technology on a barge moored at NYC. The barge produces everything a simulated small neighborhood would require. Power, Food, water and produces almost zero waste...i find it interesting that private groups, and individuals are starting, running, building these types of projects--- it makes one wonder where exactly our government is? on vacation in texas i presume. At any rate the barge is open to visitors...and i consider it to be an excellent demonstration.
The concept of Vertical farming and self-sufficent buildings has taken hold in NYC. Legislation is pending on requiring new construction to adhere to self-sufficency standards which include green, farmable rooftops, solar power capability "designed into" the structure and the usage of graywater in some format, within the building. With the collapse of infrastructure in the US this standard of building is a necessity. I am glad to see NYC getting a mental jump anyway on this problem. Here's a reference link:

i a becoming overwhelmed at work by the requirement to have a tremendous amount of random, perfect information available at any given moment--i am desperately seeking a solution, and am bidding on material on ebay to help me...i have just got to gain control of the tidal wave of information i am expected to carry around with me and puke up on demand---i'll advise what i've done when my brain clears and auctions are over....these demands are making me insane. i wind up having this look on my face all the time:

sorry to have sounded confused it's cause i am--------with this i publish:

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