Sunday, June 10, 2007

a week of quiet desperation for me. work Robbing me of the will to think properly. this has made me feel that all the effort i placed into my personal and household organization during my recent time off was for not. I am strangely again in a passive/aggressive wait and see mode as to how the world around me works....difficult to chose a path..
my mileage during this week's communte rated out at 48.1 mpg..a goodly one mile per gallon increase over my previous week's average..i feel as if i am back on track to gradual mileage increases. I installed a front end protection bra on the prius...and joined and internet group called prius chat which is a great source of information and a cyber retreat zone of people with the same mindset.. my little libretto subnotebook, is working perfectly stored in the prius for recording my fill-ups, gas cost and compiling information like a champ for me..i'm so glad i thought of placing it in the prius as an electronic notebook. I really could not be happier with the prius--it seems to suit the otaku in me. I did find a coolio item at "J list" a online retailer domestic japanese products. the tan and brick colored teardrop is the "elderly driver" window indicator for vehicles in japan. placing one of these in your window, indicates that other drivers should behave properly and when possible yield the right of way to the occupant..the japanese also have a different colored but identical teardrop for "young drivers"...i am thinking about ordering one for the prius and I...never, of course, would have the expectations that one would have in an evolved culture like the japanese--- this would ever work in the every human for themselves US... a last word in this catagory i thought i would present this graph on world-wide fuel economy trends. I appreciate the bizarro world feature of california being calculated as a separate nation ranked above the United States in fuel economy trends.What a sad hoot!
not much activity on the laptop front this week
i've received my $1.99 (donation) disk copy of linux and ubuntu, and the used book i ordered as a reference--"linux for your laptop" which also came with a linux disc--how wonderous! but my ebay $15.00 experimental laptop has been delayed in shipping by the seller---due to blah-blah-woof-woof so i am somewhat bummed---i am completely wrapped up in these paperback book sized, subnotebook computers and want to know how to do,fix,improve and work these rascals to the best of my ability.i have an additional used book coming in about fixing and upgrading laptops as a reference, since i am planning on working/repair, refitting,any used subnotebook i purchase from now on myself!!

a new Seiko chronograph---just for looking at--i'm not at all enamored with this design. i never have actually cared for seiko chronographs--they are either too weird or too plain-- The seiko stainless model is presented simply as interesting design concept followed by a custom chronograph probably exceptionally large, and exceptionally expensive, with many, many switches---i do like the combination of black face with red lettering on this mutant chronograph and you can never, never have too many activitation buttons---
i have finalized my design for my square foot garden for next year and i have pretty much used the photograph displayed as my model. I intend to make mine even higher off the ground--with the no bending or kneeling concept in effect---no catholic gardening for this dude---I'll need two of them for my wife and i and as soon as the fall hits i'll begin construction..and soil prep for next spring. The square foot garden book is excellent by the way and explains the concept of overall gardening even to knowledgeless mutts like me who were born with a "black" thumb when it comes to any type of plant. I also received my third power pack battery this week and am charging it for testing as i write this..i'm about half way along with the mounting of my next two small solar panels and i mean small--together probably 25 watts of production. However this time i am going for a test of wiring in series when i build with an additional power controller in line and see if the power production results are better.
i have not written on anime for some time and the reasoning behind that is i have simply been too busy over lunch at work with too many interruptions to sit peacefully and watch my anime while i eat my lunch. At home the occupied sign has been activated as well,so there's been no enjoyment on this front--- but Thursday for the first time in 5 weeks i got a chance to eat an uninterrupted lunch and watch alittle of DVD #3 of the series i have been working through-----the
last exile----- (this link is to the original japanese site) excellent as always---unfortunately there is no original japanese soundtrack on this anime and i am forced to listen to dubbing which i dislike intensely---it is always better to watch any foreign film etc in the native language and subtitles bother me not at all....but all in all---nothing better than classic anime, bought cheap, on your laptop at lunch....wonderous...i will order disc 4 today, used and that way by the time it comes in i'll have watched all of disc #3. Amazon's used merchants is where i shop for this type of material.....

I still have much to do---there's laptop projects and linux to start--working out the next prius project which is buying & figuring out a way to mount a set of 1950's spaceship like, bonneville salt flats, wheel covers on it to increase my mileage capability--reading,writing,researching, experimenting, computing, commenting,thinking, smoking,organizing, philosophizing...I'd better get to it....

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