Saturday, June 23, 2007

A singular blog on one issue---
the japanese subnotebook, laptop computer...& me.
10% of the laptop computer marketplace is held by the
mini-tiny-small-ultra-sub-laptop, whatever you would like to call it. Since there is no real agreement on what this catagory actually is--let us set the boundries--a screen smaller than 12"--a full function key board--a real operating system as in some type of window's or Microsoft's Windows CE (Handheld PC Platform Release) not to slight linux--that as well and --usb capability. Added to the small percentage niche for the sub laptop, is the fact that this 10%marketplace is primarily in japan with only the smallest of purchases in the European marketplace and the sub-notebook computer has held practically zero effect in the American mindset. Most Americans do not know subnotebooks exist or what this type of personal computer is capable of...if they have handled one briefly, the standard american consumer response is "the keyboard's too small", and they pass on the item--believing the sublaptop to be some kind of useless, expensive, gadget.
One of my favorite and most often unnoticed, movie instances of a "palmtop" computer in use is in terminator 2 where young john conner hacks an ATM machine for cash using an Atari Portfolio subnotebook-palm-top ( first produced in 1989) with a parallel interface and a magnetic insertion card. When i first saw that scene i wanted one of those things---compute on the move= wow(not to mention my thoughts of "how can i figure out that free money thing" he did)---! The Subnotebook computer in many respects may be completely replaced without a real shot at the big time by the do-all cell phone culture...a huge market that already exists and is in massive usage in many cultures creating so called "smart mobs" ( asia, europe). This 'thumbing" system is catching on in the US by both the computer literate and those who have never worked a desktop before. I personally find nothing appealing within the cellphone as a laptop replacement concept----it's a personality thing i am sure---to me small laptops, with working keyboards are the item that lets my brain express itself in this world..
My personal computing equipment plan is this: to eventually replace my desktop system ( when it wears out ) with my dell XPS 12" screened laptop and switch my mobile computing to a even smaller 8.9 inch screened lifebook P-1032. By purchasing a better keyboard and monitor and linking them to the XPS running Vista--i have all the desktop i need with the ability to pull the dell and take it with me on business if necessary. Wireless at the house means i can also roam freely throughout the homestead working where i feel like at that particular moment. By switiching my mobility requirements to the lifebook P-1032 i have reduced my carry load down as small as possible, actually functioning with a computer at the size of the smallest hardback book. At work i can carry the lifebook to short-call meetings with all the backup information i need at hand without overgeeking everyone by hauling a laptop.A big plus is the stylus touch screen write capability offered by the lifebook where i can make notes etc on documents and actually on the road do real-transferable work from a subnotebook on windows XP---. The easily transportable, battery powered printer is icing on the cake where i would not be held hostage to outside sources for printing off the lifebook if print copies in motion become necessary. All this being said there is the final requirement----I could not accept the concept of true mobile computing without being free from the demands of being plugged in either to work or to recharge --i can if necessary run all my mobile computing capability ( once these systems are up and running) operate fully by fold up solar panels of which i now have two.... i am now, after some fine tuning of the machinery and the operator, completely mobile, but independent of power requirements if necessary.....
why you may ask is this such a cause--issue--focus for me??
#1-I sincerely love the idea of anywhere,anytime,anything computing out of a messenger bag
#2-I really enjoy the concept of small things that work well
#3-all the tech in the world is no good if you can't have it with you when you need it....
#4-I'm not right
So these are my plans, my concepts my personal manifesto in computing---like you care right? The world needs tiny-self sufficent-personally transportable anywhere systems---it's the future.......with this i publish.....

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