Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My love affair with mini-micro-sub notebook ( whatever you want to call them) computers continues. I just bought a Zeos Meridian 800 sub-laptop off ebay for 15 dollars! Awhile ago at the time of production, this little thing was $2500.00 worth of state of the art business portable computing power. Plus i got a ton of accessory stuff-spare batteries, manuals, wi-fi card, power adapter, connectors--all for $15.00 My devious plan is to install and run Linux and Ubuntu on this item if it works and if it is possible.The fun will be in working it out and figuring out how to make it happen. I've wanted to try linux for quite a while and I ordered the program, and a used book on linux for laptops. Now this is always a chance buying an older mini-laptop on ebay but it appears as if i will have all of $40.00 wrapped up in this project and and i extremely interested in working on it........something to keep the little gray cells, firing for awhile. I can't really find much background information on the Zeos, the way i can on the libretto, but in some ways that makes it more interesting.

i believe that there has been a sign from heaven---not only am i mentally correct in the belief that solar power is the answer---but that i am spiritually correct holding this viewpoint as well--- the vatican has announced that it is going solar. A program is being put in effect converting non-historic-administrative type buildings within the Vatican compound to solar powered independence.
so i am now catholicly on the correct path..of power independence. i've discussed previously container housing...for the most part container housing has been the baileywick of recycling artists other forward thinkers...but now there are companies constructing experimental units to test the design---for commerical usage. I see this concept as a method to replace the sprawl vietnamese nail-parlor strip malls with something more viable. Someday surburban useless sprawl will have to be modified and the container concept used sparingly could help break up the depressive architecture of our life.

I thought I would list out the items I have accomplished in preparation for children of men times, within the past 60 days.
1-purchased hybrid vehicle
2-replaced all batteries with rechargeable
3-reogranized present solar panels and purchased third small panel
4-purchased reference books on solar power, square foot gardening, & water recovery

5-planned out square foot garden beds on sawhorses
6-stored 10 gallons gasoline so far….eventually want 20 gallons stored properly
7- Began replacing household appliances from plug in’s too rechargeable (for solar recharging).
8. Lawnmower replaced with battery powered version—recharged by solar panels.
9-fold out solar panel for laptop charging/operation
10-solar panel for mobile phone charging

11-purchased additional battery power pack
The next category is titled working on or currently researching for children of men times and this presently includes:
1-researching square foot gardening and making plans for square foot raised garden
2- Rain barrels in place by end of this month possibly? Researching rainwater recovery
3-researching full use, high dollar solar systems for residence
I have no "set in stone" concept of where I need or want to be at a specific time frame, in reference to this project. I am just attempting to include the children of men concept into purchasing, designing, or modifying purchases and directions as the need arises. I am now trying to "plan in" self-sufficiency regarding any project done at my residence, or in regards to day to day lifestyle/work with minimum disruption.

i have crunched all the information i've maintained on the first 40 days of driving my prius. The vehicle is costing me $2.81.8 per day for a 68 mile per day round trip commute!! Average mpg is 47.5 over 40 days. My goal is that sometime this month i will break 50 mpg as a daily average. A item of intrest that slipped by the world is that toyota just sold it's one millionth Prius.
i am simply dumbfounded that the US auto industry completely missed this concept. We are apparently simply, stupid.

i am not even going to comment on the graphs i am posting in this section. if you cannot see what's happening under the political administration for the past 8 years-- you are beyond communicating with, i publish.


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