Sunday, June 03, 2007

A major advance on the prius hybid development front was announced by LTC."Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) yesterday unveiled a retrofitted Toyota Prius, with plug-in capabilities allowing for 125+ miles per gallon fuel efficiency, which is powered by the Company's unique battery technology" the complete story is at the following link at business week's online magazine.
Now of course these announcements in no way mean that tomorrow you can run down to the local toyota dealer and get 125-mpg lots of work yet to do.....but perking my interest in this story are several factors---first---that battery developement for vehicles like the prius is being focused on by aftermarket firms--which is an excellent indicator. The aftermarket auto system often provides specific--cost effective, well designed alternative systems for automobiles and the concept and process is well defined and operable-people have been "customizing" literally 'upgrading' vehicles for years...the prius provides a platform for the developement of a pushing the scientific envelope area rather than a styling or speed push by aftermarket business's. Secondly this appears to be a 'plug and play' situtation where the standard battery is simply replaced by the stronger, more powerful, aftermarket battery and you run more electric capability with the vehicle, under a large array of upgrade...rather than disposing of the system (the car) to replace with new....something i find very,very,very appealing and makes me very,very happy. i will/would do an upgrade in a heartbeat if there is an organized, opportunity to do so.(the small photo's are of the current prius battery compartment and the battery itself being activated/adjusted at the factory)

OK--- conspiracy time raises it's ugly head. I'm about to get mulder like so be prepared.... The electrical car concept is in no way new...i've uploaded a photo of thomas edison standing next to the bailey electric car which had completed a 1000 mile run using edison batteries as it's only power source,long, long ago. What happened to this concept you may ask?---how did we get sidetracked....there are continious, constant historical references to the fact that domestic capitalism in the US is is not enough to the US version of the capitalistic system, to offer a product and improve that product to the desires of the consumer--our system's belief structure is that the market place MUST be dominated at all costs---usually by the poorest product which replaces product competance with market domination--disregarding any price society pays. Ever wonder why europe still has electric trolleys and we do not? Electric trolley companies were purchased and destroyed by GM after world war two. GM purposefully destroyed public transport in the US so workers had to buy a car or local governments had to buy buses from them....this in a nutshell is what i am talking about, purposeful destruction for marketplace domination---the original electric car concept since it was an efficent competitor required destruction by the gasoline vehicle production companies and by their partners the oil companies. It is also as simple as he who buys the most politicans wins---regardless of the cost to the future and to you and hope is that because of the internet, allowing for the exchange of information, knowledge, and unbiased reporting, people are able to band together not allowing commerical cannibalism to be continued...

i am currently researching and developing several concepts for the house based on my belief in the upcoming children of men times. i am seriously researching, intensive, small plot gardening. Gardening is something that has never interested me before--since there seemed to be no underlying organization to it...but...having a low maintaince,easily worked independent food source will be necessary...both for barter and for personal usage. So i ordered used, of course, and just received "square foot gardening" by mel bartholomew...apparently bartholomew is a retired engineer, which will hopefully place all facts on gardening in a logical sequence for me...we'll see. my goal is to spend this summer designing small beds for the side of the house, and a system of working them. I want to tie in rainbarrel system (i wish to contruct) to provide a water source and possibly raise the beds up on plastic sawhorses for ease of old guy use--- so there is much to design and think on--- design & construct the beds & drip water system, create mulch and compost over the fall, & winter, so as to begin the gardening project and vegetable production next year.
Driving on with self sufficiency this is a hoot--- real desert homesteading with no money. I found this on amazon---in one of my bizzare book searches all of which probably turn up on somebody's security list somewhere--- but i found---- "rancho costa nada" by Phil Garlington...the story of a guy fired from his newspaper job who owned two things, a plot of desert land bought years before at a tax auction for $100.00 and a nearly dead, chevy metro geo and that was he built a hootch,transported water--the whole start from ground zero thing---plus i love the cover photo--just a man bein' hisself in the desert....i actually imagine there will be some good tips within this it just sounds like a damn good story. i'll let you know.
Ongoing projects and experiments i am working on include but are not limited to:

switching everything over to rechargeable battery power sources, square foot gardening food production, maximizing prius performance, rainwater recovery, solar power, and switching to linux- ubuntu in my sub-notebooks for expanded computing power from cheap, used but viable computers. i think that's about enough for now---and with this i publish........

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