Sunday, May 13, 2007

To adequately display the stupidity of
our leadership,and the cow-like "secure me at any cost"--nature of american society today. I thought this headline, copied from an internet version of a local newspaper quite appropriate:

"TSA donates potentially explosive liquids to homeless"

Ok------confiscating "offically determined" explosive liquid hand lotion at airport screening checkpoints based on the 'supposed' ability of the average citizen, to Mcguiver-up danger in an aircraft restroom is one thing---but then to donate these confiscated, 'supposed' dangerous chemical items, to the homeless--who just happen to include a large percentage of mental cases--? Good call on that one... Yes, i personally believe that society watches out for my best interests, while being led by those more qualified than i, to be in charge---because at least ways--the homeless will have exceptionally soft, but explosive hands when all this is said and done.
For those who doubt we have truly entered
"game over dude, game over."

an unusual experiment i found documented on the web is the flatland project which works out to be basically--- a human "antfarm"---6 artists have volunteered to live in the displayed, 2 foot wide glass enclosure for 20 an experiment in alternative architecture, living methodology--as well as what they claim to be a yoko ono style, art concept of in existing in only two dimensions---the antfarm is situtated within a warehouse in brooklyn ny. i have to applaud the concept----i can see is that this works when populated by skinny, german, nihlist artists all dressed in black---as a viable art form---however, as an architectural project i'm just not so sure. The standard broadbeam, american walmart customer would pretty much block this experiment at the doorframe....using the real walmart american as populace in the "antfarm" would be interesting---viewing this experiment would only consist of seeing rolls of fat pressed against the glass....then it could be renamed "viewing pressed ham through the wrapper" or something similar.......

here are photo's of the landspeed record prius, shades of buckaroo eh? Apparently no hostile aliens from the 8th dimension were observed and the hybrid land speed record went off without a hitch.
the record speed set for a hybrid vehicle by toyota was something in excess of 130 m.p.h. although miles per gallon were'nt given----the test vehicle was a pretty much a stock prius, a little tuning on the engine and resetting of the transmission was required but that was about it. Slightly different from the Toyota GT racer pictured. This was done on the salt flats and not on the local expressway...

i let things get to me today. although i was off work, i had 4 guys working on the house, who completely trashed an area I'd just spent a whole day policing up--- the phone rang about 20 times with people calling from work--all in all the situtation this morning made me want to scream--- it just got to me...when that type of thing happens i retreat--i get hermit like. I become retreatist only when things get that confusing here at home. Home, in my head, is supposed to be different----i have an internal vision of home being like the space station--remote, quiet and a location where you can think big-big thoughts--reality however, is somewhat different--reality is more like the MIR space station--catching on fire--stuff falling off--essential items not in working order--massive confusion--supply ships hitting the station---but at least on my space station i can smoke.....with this i publish------

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