Tuesday, May 15, 2007

following up on items previously discussed here.

I received the dvd of "the big Lebowski" by the Cohen Brothers to investigate the reasoning behind the "church of the dude". For more information go here http://www.lebowskifest.com/ I can honestly say that a film is as good a reason as any to start a church and the philosophy of dude is as good a system of any i can compare it to...i think this rascal will take repeated viewings but i can see myself in many of the characters. The enemy, german, nilhist artists are worth the price of the movie alone. Although many will shake their heads--i give the concept an A+ and will study the philosophy of the dude...my wife and i now are working our way through "millenium" on dvd---another tv series i never got the chance to see.....more on that later.

i've worked my way through "Geek my Ride" and discovered that my Prius comes from the factory, totally geeked---there is literally nothing i can build based on this book that the prius does not already have...although the book inspired me to add my libretto laptop to the car...geek my ride is ok--a good place to start looking at these items but toyota has caught up and passed the geek aftermarket with this vehicle---if i had it to do over again i'd pass on this book---
I am have completed reading "Collapse" by Jared Diamond....a wonderous book as was his previous--the Pulitzer Prize winning "Germs,Guns, and Steel". Basically the book is an overview of why specific modern and acient societies made it or collaspsed. Not just centering on cultures we are used to being discussed in within this subject matter such as the Mayan's and easter islander's, but working through why the Vikings did not make it in Greenland (they did'nt eat the fish there)..how the forests came back in Japan (cut down a tree--they cut off your head)...the book is easily read, without mind numbing, endless counter arguments and brings up a tremendous amount of material, i, at least, had never thought much on-- for example his notation that the bush administration has a "90 day focus" for any problem...this book is definately an A+ and glad i got it....i'm just starting "home from nowhere" and "bowling alone" and I will advise on them as soon as i've finished-

i've written on intending to to download Linux to my libretto laptop but have discovered a new usage for it without modification. I built a spreadsheet to manage and record gas mileage, dates, fill-ups and gas price for the Prius. The Libretto is small enough to secure to a space near the center console without disrupting anything...and as a subsequent plus---i plugged in a wireless card allowing me to have limited internet access with me when i stop at a coffee shop without having to worry about having a laptop with me. The libretto is gray, matching the interior of the vehicle and seems to be a perfect match...battery life and recharging seems to be the only problem left but there is a 110 plug in the prius console..i'm glad to have a viable usage for this little laptop that i am so enamored with. By the way no weekly average mileage this posting--i've personally burned no gasoline from 05-12 to 05-17...been on leave.

iraq rebuilding would be considered down the toilet, but the iraqi's don't have toilets.....i had originally written a lengthy follow-up to other posts i've made on iraq but i simply got too disgusted while writing and deleted the whole thing---- if you're interested in where your money went---- go here for an overview------------http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=10204557

as a follow-up here's more on streamlining in design, this time everday household objects, instead of planes, trains and automobiles....... http://www.mmfa.qc.ca/en/expositions/exposition_43.html
where do i stand with the solar power projects i've written about here? Currently, i can operate and/or charge my dell laptop---- via a fold up solar 8 panel, small system. I can power and/or charge my cell phone---via a paperback book sized panel system...i've switched to a battery powered lawn mower, which i can charge off my two main solar panels in the yard..although i just found a reasonably priced panel on ebay and it is on the way to join my system--I still need more panels and a better battery system rather than the one i am using now.....i need to study the process more...but i can run if necessary enough electric items to keep us going at a much reduced ratio if i have to.....i feel as if i am replacing items as necessary that are capable of being solar charged/powered as i purchase. I have also pretty much decided on insuring that the solar capability matches the item, rather than plugging into a single home system--so that the items are capable of being powered remotely. i'm not as far along as i would like to be but---we're better off than most people if the power went off right now...

that about sums up follow through on issues, causes, concerns and concepts i've written on lately...I noticed that people rarely post follow-ups or follow throughs on items and issues posted and personally i can often use a summary of where i'm going overall....and the way things have worked out that i've first visualized in my head......and with this i publish......

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