Friday, May 25, 2007

As i've mentioned my wife and i have become attached to the Millennium series on DVD...neither of us owned a TV during the show's original broadcast run---in the first season dvd episodes Frank Black, the focal point of Millennium storyline wore what i believed to be a Citizen Dive watch of some model---at the time i thought this somewhat strange since Millennium and the X-FILES were both written & produced by Chris Carter. Mr. Carter in both shows, makes time,(and often combinations of numbers) a very specific and a very important element to the plot line and therefore the characters are always consulting a clock or their watch. Watches seem to be important in Carter's projects---Mulder- the central character in his show, the X-FILES (discussed in previous otaku watch blogs) wore a gold dress Omega wristwatch.....the choice of this particular Scuba diving watch for the Frank Black character never seemed correct to me, the character is a thinker--and it is interesting that now in the second broadcast year---(first shown in the episode "the curse of frank black")The Character, Frank Black is wearing, consulting & displaying for the camera a blackface, black leather banded, Omega Speedmaster chronograph. This is a much, much better choice for the character's personality, personal style and the texture of Millennium itself. I enjoy looking for a movie or tv character's watch, since as with real people the watch speaks much about the person--even if you are not a watch otaku the concept of matching personality to wristwatch is interesting nonetheless eh?

the british government has announced and advised it's citizens that they are planning on building additional nuclear power plants---the interesting element is the phraseology of "at this time there is no alternative". I applaud the total lack of GOV-speak since this announcement is basically saying: no matter what groups conduct protests, lobbying efforts, sit-ins--- what have you..that the construction of proposed nuclear plants will go ahead for the good of the nation........this is unique. The first government to advise their populace that nuclear power has got to happen and is in reality something that should have been worked into the power supply system for years..and this is Great Britain--home of north sea oil remember--- power supply problems now exist to the point that there is "no alternative" to nuclear energy for assisting standard producers of electricity...the french are actually in the best nuclear position for energy of any country at the moment...with 70 reactors producing 80% of the power demands within france..they at least are able to hold their own supply wise, probably with minor reductions, on a national basis. All french reactors are based on the same design and construction --there are no "one off" plants as is the case in the united parts, testing, technicans,operations, plans etc... are guys eh? How you may ask can i be for alternative energy,and a saner world and still be a supporter of nuclear power?...i believe that nuclear power is the only viable alternative we have...that accidents have happened due to human stupidity and society has not been enabled to pursue nuclear power technology to it's logical result due to misaligned social interference....i believe that nuclear power production is mankind's only original power source that can support us into the future...combined with solar and wind power generation----nuclear energy may be the one hope for a future that's not a dim more ways than one

my two week time off period is just about completed...i am usually extremely tough on myself about myself but this time i must even admit that i've gotten a large listing of items completed...and i feel better about myself having accomplished taskings at home ... it's just that often the world seems out of balance....that tasks at home due to the shorter nature of time there seemingly take forever to accomplish..that work at home is piecemeal and therefore difficult to focus and solve. This extended time frame at home, without demands....has allowed me to actually do constructive, creative work on my home...and my life. and with this i publish....

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