Friday, May 11, 2007

I read an article putting forth the theory that if a blogger is out to increase readership, or hits on their blog….the sure fire method was to write about doom and gloom, uphold bizarre conspiracy theories, and produce vast quantities of verbiage on how stupid George Bush is—
These subject matters according to the author of this article----would immediately produce a wider audience...greater spread of the blogger's talent etc---
Well—I write about all the subject matter the article author mentions but for different reasons— doom and gloom theories are currently under investigation by an interested 'ME' because of the nature of society surrounding us now----

Bizarre conspiracy theories are let's face it, simply cool, and I am truly a grassy knoll, philosophize about it, type personality, enjoying the mental 'outside of the box' thinking patterns of other X-FILES personality types. Also let's simply face facts, George Bush is stupid. "ex-drunken frat boy, with rich daddy, runs country into ditch" is how the historical headline will read.....Returning to the main point, I have been accidentally practicing these "supposed" readership increasing techniques" since day one and I cannot quit my day job, nor do I actually care……
I think this concept of needing readership for your blog, misses my world completely.
I consider blogging a form of "reverse SETI project" whereas I am transmitting signals through the matrix and co-existing multi universes---rather than searching for signals--(you can't stop the signal Mel!)where these messages like radio waves, travel vast distances of time and space—still existing and traveling long after I am gone. These electronic 1 & 0 messages in a bottle of (well semi--) normal written thoughts may wash up…to who knows what....My hope is to an offbeat society---much like the little, tiny guys whose entire universe was the grand central station locker in the movie men in black---"all hail Jay, all hail Jay!"
so to set the record straight for the little locker guys---i don't care if you actually ever receive this---although you are cool---i am just doing to be doing it----

Just odd random things that i have noticed lately that intrested me enough to save them.
*how about learning cantonese from chinese ganster movies--pick up an additional language while watching chinese crime/action adventure flicks--guns flying fists and a new language---kind of extremely coolio---

the best of BURT GUMMER (if you have no idea who this is you have no idea of what you've gotten yourself into with my blog):

"Broke into the wrong goddamn rec room, didn't you?!"

"I feel I was denied critical, need-to-know information."

"And that's why we're at the top of the food chain!"

"I am COMPLETELY OUT of ammo." (pauses) "That's never happened to me before."

an interesting situtation in Berkley California is the fact that a performance artist community,called the 'shipyard' living and creating out of a village they designed and built out of discarded shipping containers is being forced by politicans from the city .... this truly sucks--first the city cut the power and the performance artists community shifted to solar --and now it's just the boot---apparently the property has become way are people recycling, creating and living with zero city demands and because they do not fit the profile apparently, of all places, Berkley the city council has ordered them to vacate. This incident rates a 'bite me'. Apparently this type of living and thinking outside the box is a dead issue in America today....funny how classy, expensive magazines like "DWELL" can have layouts on shipping container living, but it you actual attempt it, the world's on your butt....
this is one of my favorite places to internet window shop, although i have bought stuff there, they ship fast and the stuff is exactly what they say it is...the 'J-List' many, many cool things and alot of uncool very stupid things from Japan....but i always recommend this place. Watch out for the adult managa tho...fair warning

Ok the prius is washed, cleaned, i installed new side window sun and rain shades, as well as a sunscreen which mounts over the central computer screen and a touch screen'm powering up my Libretto to have it ride along with me to record gas mileage etc..and just my geek ride is close to pimped....
48. 5 m.p.g.average....i am feeling better and better about being able to average 55 m.p.g. eventually during my daily 68 mile commute...i definately believe it's now possible as my learning curve goes up on the car..and with this i publish

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