Thursday, November 08, 2012

Euclid's Elements

People who state that they "will be alright--I've got a generator" unfortunately forget about gasoline....Sandy has displayed how the world turns into the Road Warrior overnight when it comes to the juice. Price gouging, rationing, standing in long, long lines for issue.... It is not simply a matter of paying for is getting to it---having the electric to get it out of the storage tanks---and all the other people who figure they will be alright because they have generators. Solar is the answer although none wish to hear it---we went solar because in pre-thinking a disaster scenario we could foresee fuel problems....Solar is the answer to insure having some power access during an emergency not life as we know it by any means, but some light, some power...depending on a generator is the same as depending on the government to help you---it is the old way of thinking....from the old world.

I'm currently on my winter leave for 14 days...which is desperately needed. I am rebuilding JoJo's computer work area..and our library area with new shelving, hanging desks, and the like. I always attempt to complete a project over my leave periods--it makes me feel as if there is more than work and sleep if i compete a major tasking over my leave time. I do try to relax during these time frames however, working half days on a project and then just fucking off the remainder of the day...that way there is some rest and resupply mentally before returning to work. 

When this is posted the election will be over. I could care who wins..fighting over a corpse interests me not in the least----this country is now owned by the 1% and their corporations. The figurehead of President matters not any longer. Class is what matters and class status...We are owned..and worth less with each passing day to the elite.

The ruling class's bullshit ramblings about jobs--and values--are designed to keep themselves in power--profiting by pushing paper money from one spot on their desk to another---They would wear our skins as a fashion statement and will when we are forced to sell our last remaining assets, our body parts to they can live, their perfect lives, with their dancing horses, forever.
The truth will not be faced--we are a nation that now prefers lies---the below link is to an article on the destruction of the eastern corridor as viewed from a Amtrack train trip--by the NY Times---it displays the destruction of the American middle class with a truth that is difficult to deny---but of course all will...So you go vote--pick a suit--pick which lie better suits your ever shrinking world view---then get back to watching Honey-boo-boo or trying to find a job that pays a living wage---

I'll remind you that i am now posting information on my military modeling here:

A recent DVD and pizza night focused on a Japanese film GANTZ.  Based off an Anime--people die then wake up in an apartment with a giant black ball which arms them and sends them off to combat with---well---very, very,very strange, very Japanese aliens...This one is for sure not for everyone--but I kinda sat there with my jaw hanging open trying to hang on through this movie...interesting....

" You submit, do you hear? You be strong, you survive...You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you."

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