Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The balancing 36

I am late in posting this week. My apologies.  

I'm currently reading "The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack".  A steampunk novel involving Sir Richard Francis Burton. Sir Richard Francis Burton
One of my favorite true life individuals, Richard Francis Burton spoke 29 languages and at one time was the greatest swordsman in all Europe. This novel by Mark Hodder is a "what if" concept and at 125 pages into it--I believe it to be excellent...enough fact to feel real and enough fabrication to be interesting...

The following are two SF/Fantasy films i am looking forward to viewing on DVD when they hit the market from the trailers both appear excellent..


After failing with Iron Sky and Prometheus I need a couple of just right movies to balance things out.

Ok, ok, so millions of words have been written about the storm that just hit New Jersey and New York....terrible, terrible--yadda yadda yadda....but the New Jersey I was born into and know well--- those people are not sadden by this--right now the population is dancing in the streets...because....if you think the US Government was ripped off after Katrina by those southern redneck losers---just wait until the Scam professionals from Jersey have a go at insurance collection, free Federal disaster checks, "and don't forget, i wan onena doos free trailers, with the complimentary health lawsuit after living in dem."

My tribe (New Jerseyites) we invented scamming---the Government debt is going to quadruple by the time my people are just plain worn out from cashing government and insurance checks by the handful.....

The Post Storm Government clean up contracts, the free disposal of hidden toxic waste dumps by the storm surge..all manna from heaven to my people...just the water damage auto insurance claims alone-- yo--right now i bet there are a bunch of guys out in their front yards with garden hoses insuring that they have a new ride by next weekend.

What about the devastation at the Jersey shore you ask---Oh yeah, mortgaged to the hilt--ski ball booths made of plywood now worth million dollar insurance claims--sure...terrible, terrible. Do not worry about my people they have the ability to take care of themselves---keep your hand on your wallet---taxpayer....

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli."

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David Scott said...

Great blog Warren. loved it and know what you mean. Over the years I worked with a few Jersey boys and always felt like I just lost my virginty but no one bothered to tell me I was being screwed over.